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If you know of a job opening and would like to share it with Brandeis GPS, please complete the Job Opportunity form. Job opportunities will be reviewed by Brandeis GPS prior to being distributed.

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Join the Brandeis GPS Alumni Networking Group on LinkedIn and use the website to:

  • Connect with Brandeis alumni and current students to share and seek career advice and industry information
  • Connect with business contacts such as industry colleagues, potential business partners and employers to further your career
  • Market yourself to employers and potential contacts. Advertise your skills, strengths, interests and talents.

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Please join us for our next Virtual Open House.  Check out our Admissions Events to see a listing of upcoming program specific Virtual Open Houses, and get connected with program chairs, current students and administrative staff at GPS.

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Brandeis GPS is committed to giving you the support you need to succeed. From the moment you begin the application process to the day you graduate and beyond, our advising team is here to support you. Schedule a call with an enrollment advisor today.

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