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Tuition and Payments

Academic Year

Fall 2014 -Summer 2015
Tuition and Fees
Graduate course (three credits) $3,150
Graduate course (four credits) $4,200
Late Registration Fee $70
Application fee   $50
Application to graduate fee $100

Payment Options

Acceptable forms of payment include:

  • Personal check
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards
  • Electronic bank draft

Students must be prepared to pay tuition in full. Student registration will not be considered complete unless full payment of tuition and fees is received.

Students paying via credit card will see their payment reflected in SAGE 48 hours after the registration is processed. A Returned Check Fee of $25 will be charged if a payment is returned due to insufficient funds.

Course Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Students who wish to cancel their registration and receive a tuition refund must state their intention to withdraw by withdrawing from their course online using SAGE or by completing a Course Drop Form and submitting it to Brandeis GPS.  Tuition will be refunded according to the following schedule:

  • Withdrawal before the first Wednesday of the term, 100 percent refund
  • Withdrawal between the first Wednesday and following Tuesday of the term, 75 percent refund
  • Withdrawal on or after the second Wednesday of the term, no refund
  • Late Registration Fees are nonrefundable in all cases

Students can submit a refund request through SAGE if they have a credit balance on their student account in SAGE. The link to the refund request can be found in SAGE's Student Center Finances section under "My Account". We encourage students to utilize direct deposit to expedite the refund process.  Students who choose to utilize direct deposit must verify their bank information carefully as Brandeis GPS does not have the ability to edit this information once the refund request has been submitted. When applicable, refund policies of the state where online learning students reside will be used to calculate any applicable refunds. Click here for state policies.

Tax Deductions

Some students may be eligible for an income-tax deduction or a tax credit. Consult the appropriate state or federal agency or your own tax adviser for further information.

Financial Aid

Federal Loans:

GPS students may be eligible for federal loans as long as they are enrolled in a master's program, registered for at least two courses each term and actively working toward completing their degree requirements. We do not offer financial assistance in the form of Federal Work-Study, teaching assistantships or other grants. A variety of federal loan programs, including the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan and the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan, may be available to GPS students who meet the above enrollment criteria. The Unsubsidized Stafford loan is not based on need or personal credit history. However, the Graduate PLUS loan is awarded based on personal credit history.

All students who wish to apply for financial aid must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at, and notify GPS in writing of the date on which the FAFSA form is submitted. When completing the FAFSA form, students should list Brandeis University (federal code 002133) as a recipient of the data.

Students requesting financial aid also must complete a Federal Direct Stafford Loan Application for Graduate Professional Studies. This form must be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services before the start of the term so that loan funds may be applied.

     2014-2015 Federal Direct Stafford Loan Application for Graduate Professional Studies (PDF)

If a student would like to apply for a Graduate PLUS loan in addition to the Stafford loan, you can follow the instructions on the Office of Student Financial Services webpage:

Private Loans:

Students who are enrolled in only one class a semester, or who take classes as a non-degree student, may still be eligible for private loans. Private loans are always credit based. To see which loan programs you could be eligible for, we recommend using the website to compare loan options.  We strongly suggest that students also do their own research on private loans as well.

Contact Information:

For more information about loan options and eligibility, please contact Jennifer Coveney in the Office of Student Financial Services at or 781-736-3705. We also highly suggest reviewing the Graduate and Professional Studies Financial Aid Instruction Sheet form for detailed loan application instructions.

Additional Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement for Students Receiving Financial Aid

Federal regulations require that a student receiving federal assistance make satisfactory academic progress in accordance with standards set by the university. The Division of Graduate Professional Studies is responsible for monitoring academic progress within its graduate programs. To receive federal funding, students must successfully complete two courses (B- or higher) in each semester in which they receive federal loans. If they fail to successfully complete two courses in a semester in which they receive federal loans, they will be allowed to receive federal loans for the next semester but will be placed on probation. If they fail to successfully complete two courses during the probationary semester, they will lose eligibility for federal loans from this point forward. Students may submit an appeal if there are extenuating circumstances that prevented them from successfully completing coursework for two subsequent semesters.

Employer Reimbursement

Many employers offer some form of tuition reimbursement to their employees. Contact your company to determine tuition benefits. Please be advised that tuition reimbursement constitutes a private arrangement between employer and employee. Full payment of tuition and fees must be received upon registration, regardless of the terms of such an arrangement between the employee and employer. If you need a financial statement for reimbursement purposes, you may submit a request online using the Request Itemized Statement form.

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