Opportunities for Doctoral Students

Doctoral students should apply for the Mellon Dissertation Research Grants and the Sachar Award (GSAS doctoral students only — please check on the GSAS web site for further detail) or the Provost's Dissertation Support Awards  (all doctoral students in all three schools). 

The Provost's Dissertation Support Award applications are due Friday March 27, 2015

Grant Opportunities for Graduate Students

The GSA sponsors Travel & Research Grants for students from all three schools.

 I. Award Description
The Travel &  Research Grants provide funds  to graduate students to conduct research, primarily for a thesis or the “major project” required by some graduate programs. Applicants may seek funding for various expenses, including:

  • travel to libraries and archives;
  • defray the costs of field research;
  • purchase specialized software (not laptops or software available through the Brandeis site license);
  • pay fees for access to repositories and collections;
  • duplicate research materials;
  • attend a scholarly conference when presenting (if funding is available).  
Applicants may seek reimbursement for expenses incurred between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. Awards for the  GSA TRG monies are normally in the $150-$300 range.
II. Eligibility
The competition for grants is limited to GSAS, Heller, and IBS graduate students. Doctoral candidates may apply for the  the Provost's Dissertation Support Award if they have completed all of their coursework and have an approved dissertation proposal (are ABD).
III. Application Process
The application consists of the following:
One copy of:
Applicants should submit the above bulleted items together in one envelope and send or hand-deliver them to:  
U.S. Mail
Jessica Basile
Director of Graduate Student Affairs and Post-doctoral Scholars 
Brandeis University
PO Box 549110 MS 207
Waltham, MA 02454-9110

Campus Mail
Jessica Basile
MS 207

Hand Deliver

Jessica Basile at the Graduate Student Center in Kutz Hall (main floor opposite Registrar's Window).


Applications not submitted as outlined will be considered incomplete.