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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS)
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The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences was founded within five years of the school's founding (ca. 1953). The first year of graduate education was 1953, and 42 students were matriculated.

The annual tuition fee for 1953-54 full-time resident students in the Graduate School was $700, in addition to a $40 matriculation fee.

Master's degrees were offered chemistry or music composition. Doctorate-level degrees were offered by the departments of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and psychology.

By the end of Brandeis' first decade, 12 graduate programs had been established.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


Established in 1953, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences today enrolls more than 1,000 students pursuing master's and doctoral degrees, as well as certificates and diplomas in 30 fields.

A selective admission process, sustained contact between students and faculty, and stimulating course work contribute to the intellectual growth of each student. The contributions of the scholars and researchers in the School of Arts and Sciences are widely known throughout their fields; GSAS students are offered in-depth, broad-based, scholarly exposure while receiving professional training in their chosen fields.

The staff in the Dean's Office is committed to providing a high level of support to all GSAS students to enhance their integration into the Graduate School and to assist them in achieving their educational goals.