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House Hunting Days


When should I check in/check out?

House Hunting Days starts on Tuesday.
Your room key will be available starting at 10am in the Graduate Student Center, in Kutz.  
However, feel free to arrive between 10am - 4pm.  The first event begins roughly around 5pm.  It is a "Getting To Know You" dinner.

The latest you can check out is on Friday morning at 10am.   

What do I need to bring?

You are staying in a dorm room with an unmade bed, desk, chair and dresser.

You will need to bring bedding (pillow, sheets, a sleeping bag, etc.),  towels and other basic toiletries. If you have space, you might want to pack a small fan. The dorm does not have air conditioning. 

Should I start my search before I arrive?

Yes, please start your search before arriving on campus.  

If you already have a list of apartments to see and appointments made, your trip here will be less stressful.

Check out the following websites: 

Do I need a car during House Hunting Days?

You do not need a car, but it would be helpful to have one. If you are bringing a car, parking on campus for the session is free.  

Where can I apply for House Hunting Days?

2014 House Hunting Days Application