Questions to ask as you decide where to live

  • How will I get to school from here?
  • Am I comfortable in this neighborhood?
  • Are utilities (heat, hot water, electricity) included or extra? If extra, what are they likely to cost?
  • Does the building seem secure? Check out locks on doors and windows.
  • Where will I study?
  • Is there a place to do laundry in the building? If not, where is the nearest laundromat?
  • When can I move in?

Tips for International Students

There are so many new situations to become acquainted with when you go abroad, that it is important to plan ahead. Housing in the Waltham area (nearby towns include Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Watertown, and Newton, among others) can be somewhat expensive, but living with other students can help to make your expenses more manageable. There are numerous places that love to rent to Brandeis graduate students, so finding a quality place to live is definitely possible! There are many resources on the Brandeis campus and on the internet that can help you through the process.

Some Words of Advice

Start your search as early as possible. You can begin by using various online classifieds: Craig’s List or the Brandeis Classifieds to search existing rooms for rent or to post an advertisement. If you are unable to visit Brandeis for the House Hunting Days over the summer, you should plan to arrive on campus before your semester begins to find housing.

Contact other incoming or returning Brandeis international students. Returning students will have helpful suggestions. Once you contact other Brandeis students, you can plan to meet before courses start, and share a hotel room (or other temporary housing) while you search for more permanent housing. Contact your department or program to get a list of students that you can email or call.

Think about what you will need to bring for your living situation. Most apartments are unfurnished, however some may have a bed and/or desk, but you will need sheets, bedding, towels, etc.