Programs (some free) through the Waltham community specifically available to International Graduate Students.

SIM Cards for International Phones

Perfect for International students to have SIM card in existing phone to make international calling and texting. 

Use Grad Student Center address for pick up:
415 South Street
Waltham, MA 02453


Attractive car financing for international students and professionals. New & used cars, no SSN or credit history required.

Information for International Students

International Students and Scholars Office  

The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) provides assistance with immigration procedures necessary for international students to maintain legal student status. The ISSO also serves as an advising center for employment, cross-cultural adaptation, academics, health insurance and how each of these relates to visa status.

The ISSO sponsors special activities for international students throughout the year and also distributes a bimonthly, e-mail newsletter. More information can be found on the ISSO Web site,  including the International Students and Scholars Handbook (housing, banking, social security numbers, transportation, local events, etc).

The ISSO is located on the top floor in Kutz.


Intercultural Center

The Intercultural Center (ICC) is a great resource for graduate students. It houses an extensive resource room with a computer cluster that has Internet access and printing, a conference room and a kitchen. The latter two can be reserved through the center's main office.

All of the ICC clubs are open to undergraduate and graduate students. Graduate students can attend meetings, participate in shows and other events. Graduate students cannot run for elected positions in undergraduate student clubs.

The Intercultural Center is located in the Swig Center.

781-736-8587 Fax

To find out more, drop by the Center or give them a call.