Special Opportunities

Visit the GSA Website to join a listserv and receive information about activities planned for the graduate community.

2014 Graduate Student Orientation


Orientation for new students has begun for fall semester 2014. Please check with your individual program or school for more details on orientation events.

Orientation activities include library and campus tours, introduction to important resources (registrar, financial aid, health and counseling, social life, international student services, etc.) and a reception for the entire graduate student community hosted by the Graduate Student Association.

We are looking forward to welcoming new students to the university and its graduate programs.

Graduate Life

We sponsor a series of workshops to assist new graduate students with some of the skills needed to be successful. Visit the "Activities" section of this Website for more information about this series.

Stop by TGIF at the Stein on the first Friday of each month for free food and drink and a chance to meet fellow graduate students. The program is from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. ID is required to drink alcohol.