Mission Statement

The Brandeis Haiti Initiative aims to empower and improve the lives of the Haitian people while also fostering a spirit of community and service on campus.  Through education, service and charitable giving, this organization embodies a core university value – using our knowledge to transform our school, our community, and eventually our world.  The challenges confronting Haiti may appear endless, but together we are strong enough to impact them.  First, we must understand and educate others about the true causes of injustice.  Then we must work tirelessly to help those people suffering.  Only in a world where we care for all human beings, rich or poor, American or foreign, young or old, can we fulfill our greatest responsibility to humanity.

The earthquake that devastated Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010 gained the attention of the world, but slowly it has faded away.  We stand together, knowing that through our work, Haiti and its people will not be forgotten. But we can build a foundation for a community that cares about its fellow human beings – a community devoted to researching and solving both the immediate and long-term causes of poverty and injustice in Haiti.