Famni Ki Li Ansamn

Famni Ki Li Ansamn, or Families Reading Together, is a literacy organization founded by Brandeis University students Kennett Altidor, Geoffrey Cohen, Janis Dallemand, Shaina Gilbert, Londyn Graham, Napoleon Lherisson and Victoria Mutebi, and Professor Jane Hale. The reason for forming this organization is to institutionalize and sustain several ongoing family literacy projects that Professor Hale and students have developed in Lesotho, Haiti, and Massachusetts. We are currently in the process of becoming a registered non-profit organization.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop and promote beautiful picture books for young children about Haiti and its culture for families to share at home.

What We Do

We've assembled a beautiful collection of already-published children's picture books about Haiti, written in Creole, English, and French.  We're taking them to libraries, cultural centers, churches, and festivals to introduce everyone to the rich array of books available for families to use with their youngest children at home.  We seek small grants to enable us to purchase these books for free distribution to libraries, churches, cultural centers, and private homes.  We've made a database of the books listing titles, authors, prices, and how to obtain them for libraries, schools, and others who may be able to purchase them.  

Shaina Gilbert will introduce the books and our project in Haiti in July 2011, at "ETE," a summer camp she's founded in Hinche, Haiti whose mission is "empowering through education."  

As we grow, we plan to reach out to Haitian families in New York, Miami, and Montréal.

We seek authors and artists of all ages who want to help us create new picture books about Haiti for families to read and enjoy together.  

For more information about our project, to ask us to visit your group or event, or to become involved in the creation of books about Haiti and Haitians, contact:

Professor Jane Hale 


Londyn Graham