Current Authors

Current HBI Conversations Authors:

White Walls

Judy Batalion, author of "White Walls"

Groups: Boston (Sept. 2016), Howard County (Mar. 2017), NYC (May 2017)

A Land Twice Promised

Noa Baum, author of "A Land Twice Promised"

Group: Westchester (June 2017)

The Nazi Officer's Wife by Susan Dworkin

Lauren Belfer, author of "And After the Fire"

Groups: Baltimore (Nov. 2016), Boston (Nov. 2016), Palm Beach (Jan. 2017), Chicago (Mar. 2017), Sarasota (Mar. 2017), NYC (Mar. 2017), Westchester (Apr. 2017), Stamford (May 2017)

Washing the Dead

Michelle Brafman, author of "Washing the Dead"

Groups: Baltimore (Sept. 2016), Bethesda (Sept. 2016), NYC (Sept. 2016)

Modern Girls

Jennifer S. Brown, author of "Modern Girls"

Group: Howard County (Apr. 2017)

Henna House by Nomi Eve

Nomi Eve, author of "Henna House"

Group: Westchester (Oct. 2016)

The Muralist by Barbara Shapiro

Jo Ivester, author of "Outskirts of Hope"

Group: Chicago (Apr. 2017 and May 2017)

The Muralist by Barbara Shapiro

Amy Kurzweil, author of "Flying Couch"

Group: Boston (Apr. 2017)

Imperial Wife

Irina Reyn, author of "The Imperial Wife"

Groups: Boca (Jan. 2017), Palm Beach (Mar. 2017)

Velvet Hours

Alyson Richman, author of "The Velvet Hours"

Groups: Bethesda (Sept. 2016), Sarasota (Feb. 2017), Boca (Mar. 2017), Stamford (June 2017)

Strangers We've Become

Cynthia Shamash, author of "The Strangers We Became"

Groups: Howard County (Nov. 2016), Boca (Feb. 2017), Bethesda (Apr. 2017), Baltimore (Apr. 2017)

The Muralist by Barbara Shapiro

Barbara Shapiro, author of "The Muralist"

Group: Stamford (Oct. 2016)

Fair Labor Lawyer

Marlene Trestman, author of “Fair Labor Lawyer”

Groups: Bethesda (Apr. 2017), Baltimore (May 2017)

Beauty Queen

Sarit Yishai-Levi, author of "The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem"

Group: Chicago (Nov. 2016)

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