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Michele Byers (USA)
The Jewish Princess in Popular Culture

Susan J. Landau-Chark (USA)

Community, Identity and Religious Leadership as Expressed through the Role of the Rabbi's Wife

Marc Michael Epstein (USA)

Overthrowing the Idol: A Radical Reappraisal of Medieval Jewish Visual Tradition

Marcia Falk (USA)

The Book of Blessings for the Turning of the Year: New Prayers, Poems and Meditations for the High Holiday Season

Judy Bolton-Fasman (USA)

A Daughter Says the Kaddish: A Memoir

Terri Susan Fine (USA)

Triple Minorities in Majoritarian Systems: Jewish Female Elected Officials

Fiona Frank (SCOTLAND)

Hannah Frank, A Glasgow Jewish artist – Art, memory and identity through film and through text

Naomi Marmon Grument (ISRAEL)

The Intersection of Tradition and Modernity: An Examination of the Interface of Taharat Hamishpacha and Identity among Modern Orthodox Women and Men

Orit Kamir (ISRAEL)

Analysis of the Implementation and Effects of Israel's Sexual Harassment Law

Mirla Kano (USA)

Women Rabbis of New Mexico: The Politics and Performance of Life History

Heidi Kaufman (USA)

Maria Polack's Fiction Without Romance; A Critical Edition

Aviva Kempner (USA)

Gertrude Berg: America's Molly Goldberg

Melissa Klapper (USA)

Ballots, Babies, and Banners of Peace: American Jewish Women's Pre-World War II Activism

Melanie Malka Landau (AUSTRALIA)

Kinyan and Its Discontents

Gail Levin (USA)

Lee Krasner: A Cultural Biography

Rachel Levin (USA)

A Secret for Seven Sisters (a novel based on the life of Shirley Greenblatt Patterson)

Ruth Loman (USA)

Premiere Performance of Testimony of Witnesses

Joan Roth (USA)

Photo Essay: Project Kesher Empowers Jewish Women in the CIS

Ellie Schainker (USA)

Gender and Assimilation Revisited: Jewish Conversion in Ninteenth-Century Russia

Merav Schnitzer (ISRAEL)

Sexual violence against women in the Jewish society in Germany and northern France ("Ashkenaz") in the 11th - 14th centuries

Susan G. Scott (USA)

Painting Women Painting: Portraits of Exclusion

Naomi Seidman (USA)

The Sexual Transformation of Ashkenaz

Sarah Abrevaya Stein (USA)

Jews, Gender and Commerce: Jewish Women and Girls and the Global Ostrich Feather Trade

Megan Sullivan (NETHERLANDS)

Free Posenenske!

Ruth Tsoffar (USA)

Cannibal Ideology: Sexuality, Ethnicity and Colonialism in Hebrew Cultures

Orit Yafeh (ISRAEL)

Are you crying because (the Temple was) Destructed? Cultural construction of emotions in Ultra-Orthodox kindergartens for Girls

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Helene Aylon (USA)

All Rise: An installation of a Beit Din as a "House" of Three Women

Eugen Avrutin (USA) & Robert Greene (USA)

The Story of a Life: The Memoirs of an Ordinary Jewish Woman in the Russian Empire

Carol Balin (USA) & Wendy Zierler (USA)

To Tread on New Ground: The Life and Writings of Hava Shapiro

Elisheva Baumgarten (Israel)

Gender and Piety: Religion and Practice in Medieval Jewish Society

Evelyn M. Cohen (USA)

Jewish Women and Manuscripts in Renaissance Italy

Marcia Falk (USA)

The Book of Blessings for the Turning of the Year

Marjorie C. Feinson (Israel)

Conspiracy of Silence: Domestic Violence and Disordered Eating A Community Study of Women in Israel

Miriyam Glazer (USA)

How Do You Dance Before the Bride? Judaism, Wars and Womanhood: Becoming a Rabbi at Sixty

Ruth Halperin-Kaddari (Israel) & Eyal Katvan(Israel)
"Becoming a Person": Roza Ginzberg's Battle to become a Lawyer in Palenstine

Marilyn Lerner (Canada)

"Shake My Heart Like a Copper Bell." A song cycle composed by Marilyn Lerner to the poetry of Anna Margolin for voice, piano, clarinet and double bass

Hagit Molgan (Israel)

"Flute" (temporary name)

Ranen Omer-Sherman (Israel)

Jewish Women Writers and the Levant

Reina J. Rutlinger (Israel)

"The Audacity of Holiness": Orthodox Women's Theatre in Israel

Jen Taylor Friedman (USA)

Women and writing sifrei Torah-need niddah be a concern?

Leandra Zarnow (USA)

Mother Courage: Bella Abzug's Fight for Social Change in Cold War America

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Pnina G. Abir-am (USA)
Jewish Women in American Science: The contrasting careers of Esther Zimmer Lederberg and Mildred Cohn 2004

Brielle Stark-Adler (USA)

Religiosity and the Jewish Woman’s Experience of Emerging Adulthood

Yaffa Aranoff (Israel)

The Image of Biblical Women in Hasidic Writings

Lynne Avadenka (USA)

“By A Thread" – A limited edition artist’s book based on the lives of Queen Esther and Scheherazade

Linda J. Borish (USA)

Not Merely Confined to the Gymnasium”: Jewish Women in American Sport

Judy Branfman (USA)

The Land of Orange Groves and Jails

Marcia Falk (USA)

Hidden Image (working title): A Collection of Poems

Amy Feinstein (USA)

Jewish Modernisms: Race, Religion, and Representation in works by Gertrude Stein, Mina Loy, and James Joyce

Tamar Hess (Israel)

Autobiographical Writings By Women of The Second Aliya

Ellen Kaplan (USA)

With Dream Awakened Eyes: A performance of Charlotte Salomon

Ruth Kark (Israel)

Biography and Gender in the mirror of the Yishuv: “The First Lady”, Rachel Yanait Ben-Zvi, from the Second Aliya to Eretz Israel Ha-shlema

Irit Koren (Israel)

Voice Is Heard in Ramah: Religious Women Challenge the Orthodox Wedding Ritual

Adi Kuntsman (Britain)

Sexuality, Immigration and National Identity: Russian-Speaking Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender in Israel

Susan K. Leshnoff (USA)

Friedl Dicker Brandeis as Holocaust Art Teacher: An Analysis of the Children’s Drawings in her Classes in Theresienstadt

Chia Longman (Belgium)

Life Stories of Orthodox Jewish Women in Antwerp: Negotiating Identity, Autonomy and Belonging

Yoel Perez (Israel)

Professional Women-Storytellers in Israel – Research on Jewish women artists

Dina Roginsky (Israel)

Yemenite or Israeli? East or West? Folklore or Art? Sara Levy Tanai and Inbal Dance Theatre

Lena Roos (Sweden)

A Family Perspective on Deteriorating Relations: The Use of Christian Wet Nurses in Medieval Ashkenazi Families

Sarah Maria Ross (Germany)

“Jewish-feminist music – a political issue? The use and function of Jewish women’s music in contemporary Judaism”

Lisa Grant & Diane Schuster (USA)

Towards New Way of Knowing: The Impact of Feminist Pedagogy on Jewish Learning and Identity in the Former Soviet Union

Michael Silber (Israel)

Spirituality, Gender And Jewish Fundamentalism: The Dreamworld Of a Nineteenth Century Ultra-Orthodox Woman

Miriam Sivan (Israel)

Besieged & Other Dramas

Tracy Ellen Sivitz (USA)

Gender and Jewish Politics: Women and American Jewish Life, 1920-45

Monica Szurmuk (Mexico)

The Gerchunoff Women: Pioneers in Argentina

Anika Walke (Germany)

Life stories of Soviet Jewish women surviving the Holocaust

Roni Weinstein (Israel)

Feminine religiosity in Jewish-Italian communities during the early modern period

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Orit Avishai-Bentovim (USA)

Purity and the Politics of Jewish Women’s Bodies in Israel

Trudy Balch & Avital Bloch (USA & Mexico)

An English Edition of Gaby: An Autobiography of Mexican-Jewish Disability Rights Activist and Writer Gabriela Brimmer

Julia Creet (Canada)

“MUM,” A Video Memoir

Lois Dubin (USA)

Bella and Her Loves: Jewish Women, Marriage, and the State in Revolutionary and Restoration Italy

Lauren Erdreich (Israel)

Opening Identities of Change: Multiple Literacies of Palestinian Israeli Women at the University

Marcia Falk (USA)

The Spectacular Difference: Selected Poems of Zelda Translated from the Hebrew

Rachel Furst (Israel)

Converted Women and Communal Identity: The Frankfort Case of 1241

Naama Goldstein (USA)

Aide from Afar: A Novel

Sascha L. Goluboff (USA)

Wailing Women and Death Rites: An Ethnography of Mountain Jews in Azerbaijan

Sonat Hart (USA)

Jewish Women’s Contribution to German and Austrian Cabaret

Melissa R. Klapper (USA)

Jewish Girls Coming of Age in America, 1860-1920

Catherine Lev (USA) website

Yael Levine (Israel)

A Compendium of Siddur Commentaries Concerning Women in the Talmudic, Geonic and Rishonim Literature

Sheryl Mendlinger (Israel)

Knowledge Acquisition between Mothers and Daughters in the Area of Women’s Health Behavior: Aspects of Universality and Cultural Dependency

Michaela Mudure (Romania)

Neither Bruria, nor Lilith: The Tradition of Romanian-Jewish Women’s Writing

Katalin Pécsi (Hungary)

East-West Bridge Through Jewish Women’s Literature

Donna Schatz (USA)

“Balancing Acts,” Documentary Video Project on Hungarian Acrobat Magda Schweitzer and Her Husband, Chinese Acrobat Man Fong Tong

Mimi Weinberg (USA)

Sukkat Babatha: A Sculptural Installation

Eleanor P. Jacobson Women Of Valor Award

Michal Ben Ya’a’kov (Israel)

Historical Perspectives on Teacher Training for Religious Zionist Women — A Case Study of the Mizrachi Women’s Teachers’ Seminar, 1924-1953

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Howard Adelman (Israel)

Jewish Women in Early Modern Italy

Penina Adelman (USA)

Searching for Eshet Chayil

Michele Bitton (France)

Bibliography of Jewish Women in France in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Rachel Feldhay Brenner (USA)

Back to the Land of Darkness: The Search for Post-Holocaust Redemption in Ruth Almog’s Fiction

Esther Carmel-Hakim and Yael Katzir (Israel)

Rama Lindheim Documentary Video

Sarah Blachor Cohen (USA)

Henrietta Szold: Healer and Peacemaker for our Time

Paula Doress-Worters (USA)

Ernestine L. Rose Sourcebook: Documenting the Contribution of a Polish-Jewish Immigrant to Women’s Rights in America

Nurit Govrin (Israel)

Schlomith Flaum: A Wandering Daughter of Israel

Yohai Hakak (Israel)

Masculine Identities in the Ultra Orthodox Community in Israel

Jennifer Hoyer (USA)

The Space of Words: Diaspora and Exile in the Works of Nelly Sachs

Barbara Johnson (USA)

Traditional Folk Songs of Cochin Jewish Women from South India and Israel

Carole S. Kessner (USA)

Marie Syrkin: A Life Beyond the Self

Andrea Kuti (Hungary)

Research and Educational Material for Jewish Women’s Seder in Hungary

Gail Labovitz (USA)

My Wife I Called ‘My House’: Marriage, Metaphor and Discourses of Gender in Rabbinic Literature

Gabriella Lev (Israel)

ODEM Theater Company 

Rachel Levmore (Israel)

Female Rabbinical Court Advocates and the Changed Universe of Halachic Discourse within the Israeli Rabbinical Courts at the End of the Twentieth Century

Omi (Israel)

Birthlore and the Law of Birth in Israel

Yifat Peleg (Israel)

Archaeology, Burial and Gender in Judea

Eva Plach (Canada)

From the Pages of Ewa: A Weekly, 1928-1933: Polish-Jewish Women on Marriage, Mores and Social Change

Reina Reiner (Israel) 

Orthodox Women’s Theater in Israel

Miriam Segal (Israel)

The Motherland Speaks: New Hebrews, Gender and the New Accent in New Yishuv Poetry

Margalit Shilo (Israel)

The Yishuv’s Campaign for Women’s Suffrage: A Reappraisal (1917-1926)

Elly Teman (Israel)

Surrogate Motherhood in Israel

Sophie Walsh (Israel)

Reorganization of a Sense of Self and Gender among Young Adult Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Israel

David Zurawik (USA)

Molly’s World: The Life of Gertrude Berg

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Dianne Ashton (USA)

Domestic Judaism Goes Public: Women in the History and Construction of American Hanukkah

Pascale Bos (USA)

Return to Germany: German-Jewish Women Authors Seeking Address

Esther Carmel-Hakim and Yael Katzir (Israel)

“Rama Lindheim, Fulfilling a Dream,” Documentary Video on Rama Lindheim

Yossi Chajes (Israel)

The Voice of a Woman: A History of Jewish Women’s Spirituality

Emily Corbató (USA)
All Good Things: A Photographic Essay of Jewish Women in the Ukraine

Marianne Cutler (USA)

“There’s not that clique of JAPPY girls here”: Perceptions of Jewish Femininity and Masculinity among Young Jewish Adults in a Southern (U.S.) Community

Marcie Ferris (USA)

Matzoh Ball Gumbo, Gasper Goo Gefilte Fish, and Big Momma’s Kreplach: Exploring Southern Jewish Foodways

Frieda Forman (Canada)

Holocaust Refugees in Switzerland: A Feminist Perspective

Dafna Hirsch (Israel)

Gender and the Zionist ‘New Man’: Hygiene Education in the Yishuv and the Early Years of the Israeli State

Barbara Johnson (USA)

Vernacular Jewish Women’s Folk Songs from South India 

Irena Klepfisz and Helen Epstein (USA)

An International Guide to Jewish Women’s Memoirs

Gail Levin (USA)

Beyond the Pale: Jewish Identity, Radical Politics and Feminist Art

Keren McGinity (USA)

Tying the Knots: Jewish Women, Intermarriage and Gender in America

Pnina Motzafi-Haller (Israel)

Self Construction as Resistance: Ethnicity, Religiosity and Gender among Lower-Class Mizrachi Women in Israel

Tova Stabin (USA)

Bibliography on Poor and Working Class Jewish Women

Sonia Zylberberg (Canada)

Rituals of Identity and Resistance: Contemporary Jewish Women’s Seders

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Denise Roman Brook (USA)

Jewish Women in Romania: A Feminist Cultural Approach

Kathi Diamant (USA)

Kafka’s Last Love: The Mysteryof Dora Diamant

Edward Fram (Israel)

“My Dear Daughter”: Teaching the Laws of Women to Women in Pre-Modern Ashkenaz

Alice Friedman (USA)

Building the Dream: Jewish Women, Architecture and Social Mobility in Postwar America

Thalia Gur-Klein (Netherlands)

Some Like Them Iconized: Jewish Female Saints

Rachel Gutman (USA)

Domestic Violence in the Orthodox Community

Chana Revell Kotzin (USA)

The Adult Bat-Mitzvah Phenomenon, 1950-2000

Nancy Lefenfeld (USA)

The Last Convoy: Two Jewish Women Who Smuggled Children from France to Switzerland During WWII

Ruth Lomon (USA)

“Witnesses,” Oratorio Based on Poems by Holocaust Victims

Natan Meir (USA)

Jerusalem of Russia: Women in Late Imperial Kiev

Anna Polland (USA)

Adaptation of Ritual: Immigrant Jewish Women, their Families and Holidays, 1880-1930

Einat Ramon (Israel)

Philosophical and Hermeneutical Features of Jewish Feminist Thought and Practice

Tamar Ross (Israel)

Can Judaism Sustain a Feminist Critique?

Janice Rubin (USA)

The Mikvah Project: A Traveling Exhibition of Photographs

Niina Tarma (Finland)

Jewish Women and Men in the Continuation War, 1941-1944

Diane Wolfthal (USA)

Visualizing Women’s Ritual Roles in Italian Renaissance Yiddish Seforim Minhagim

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Ann Beaglehole (New Zealand)

New Zealand Jewish Women and Education

Michal Ben Ya’akov (Israel)

Women and Housing: Jewish Women in 19th Century Eretz Israel

Kimmy Caplan (Israel)

Between Popular Religion and Informal Education: Haredi Women Preachers in Israel

Debora Duerksen (USA)

“We were in it, too!: American Jewish Women Veterans Remember World War II,” Documentary Film Project

Tamar El-Or (Israel)

Another Corner of the Religion- Gender-Knowledge Crossroad: An Ethnographic Study of Mizrachi Observant Women in Israel

Melissa Klapper (USA)

A Fair Portion of the World’s Knowledge: Young Jewish Women and the Problem of Education in America, 1870-1920

Anat Lapidot-Firilla (USA)

Jewish Witches and Healers in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin during the 16th–19th Centuries

Leah Levin (Canada)

Dissertation on Rachel Kagan’s Term in the Knesset, 1949-1951

Riv-Ellen Prell (USA)

Gender and American-Jewish Youth Culture, 1945-1965

Mark Raider (USA)

The Plough Woman: Memoirs of the Pioneer Women of Palestine

Peri Rosenfeld (USA)

Early Graduates of the Henrietta Szold School of Nursing

Sarah Schmidt (Israel)

Deborah Kallen and ‘Progressive’ Education in the Palestinian Yishuv

Hadassah Segal (USA)

Deep Roots, Exotic Flowers: The Interaction of Jewish Identity and Artistic Expression in Modern Dance — Three Jewish Women Choreographers

Judith Shanks (USA)

Biography of Rebecca Isaiah Moses, Jewish Woman from the Southern United States

Baila Round Shargel (USA)

Study of the Life of Besse Goldstein Gotsfeld and the Organization She Founded: Mizrachi Women of America (now Amit Women)

Margalit Shilo (Israel)

Jerusalemite Jewish Women’s Writings — Three Unique Pamphlets

Joellyn Wallen Zollman (USA)

A History of American Synagogue Gift Shops

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Esther Carmel-Hakim (Israel)

Documentary Film on Rama Lindheim

Phyllis Chesler (USA)

Claiming Sacred Ground: Women of the Wall — Anthology Project

Michele Clark (USA)

Perceptions of Difference among Adolescent Jewish Girls in the United States

Lilach Dekel (USA)

“Living for Tomorrow,” Documentary Video Project on Israeli Women Pioneers

Elaine Denholtz (USA)

Balancing Work and Love: Jewish Women Facing the Family-Career Challenge

Barbara Epstein (USA)

Oral Histories of Jewish Women Resistance Fighters in World War II

Naama Hadad-Kedem (Israel)

Mizrachi Women in an Israeli Kibbutz: A New Exploration of the 1950s in Israel

Ruth Halperin-Kaddari (Israel)

A State of their Own: Women in Israel, Based on the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

Ruhama Marton (Israel)

“Dissident Daughter in the Promised Land,” Autobiographical Project by One of the First Female Peace Activists in Israel

Rochelle Millen (USA)

Eros and Ethics in Jewish Tradition

Sigal Nagar-Ron (Israel)

Mizrachi Women Immigrants in Israel

Basia Nikiforova (Lithuania)

The Role of Jewish Women in the Promotion of Jewish Identity in the Intermarried Family: The Lithuanian Case

Dona Phares (USA)

Oral History of Women of Machal, Volunteers for Israel in the Early Years of the State

Eetta Prince-Gibson (USA)

Jewish Women Settlers, their Role in Gush Emunim

Mark Raider (USA)

Edit and Reissue of the Zionist Classic The Plough Woman

Peri Rosenfeld (USA)

From the Lower East Side to the Upper Galilee: The Pioneering Experience of Sara Bodek Paltiel

Susan Sered (USA)

HBI Scholar-in-Residence, Israeli Women’s Health from an Anthropological Perspective

Francine Zuckerman (Canada)

“Jewish Women Face to Face,” Documentary Video Project