Undergraduate Internship

Summer 2016: June 6 - July 29

  • Participate in a 35 hour per week, Monday-Friday, internship program
  • Produce, under staff supervision, an original piece of scholarly research or a creative and/or artistic project that focuses on Jewish gender issues
  • Assist HBI-affiliated scholars and Brandeis offices with research and administrative tasks
  • Learn about the daily operations of an academic research institute by occasionally assisting with administrative tasks
  • Visit local institutions and organizations of Jewish interest
  • Meet local community activists
  • Live on the Brandeis campus in subsidized housing
  • Receive a weekly stipend

How to Apply

Please submit each of the following items through the online application.

  1. Two paragraphs identifying which TWO of the Supervised Projects listed below are of interest and a description of your qualifications.
  2. A 500-word essay explaining your interest in Jewish gender studies.

  3. One or two project ideas for an independent project
  4. Two references: one academic and one work related (extra curricular activity, work study, etc.) Can be emailed directly to dolins@brandeis.edu
  5. C.V. / Resumé

Application deadline: Closed

Debby Olins
Program Manager
The Hadassah-Brandeis Institute MS 079
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02454

Supervised Undergraduate Projects (Summer 2016)

For complete project description, click on link to download the .pdf version

  • A Profile of the LGBTQ Jews of Greater Boston
    Assist at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies in developing a profile of the demographic characteristics and Jewish behaviors, attitudes, and affiliations of LGBTQ Jews and their families in Greater Boston.
  • Witches in the Family
    Assist Women's Studies Research Center Scholar Penina Adelman in the research for her fictionalized family memoir.