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Jewish Film Festival Screening: "Cuba's Forgotten Jewels"

Wed, May 9 5:30 PM
Coolidge Corner Theater
Brookline, MA

A screening and Q&A with filmmakers Judy Kreith and Robin Truesdale, moderated by Dalia Wassner, for the award-winning documentary "Cuba's Forgotten Jewels," which chronicles the Jewish community that fled Europe for the island, adapting to and embracing the local culture while maintaining their own. For information, tickets, and the trailer, click here.

Latin American Jewish & Gender Studies

HBI Project in Latin American Jewish & Gender Studies  


The HBI Project in Latin American Jewish & Gender Studies (LAJGS) is a pioneering initiative for the study and exploration of Jewish life and gender in Latin America (Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean) and among Latin American Jewish immigrants worldwide. LAJGS will promote inquiries into such topics as memory politics, ritual observance and participation, local iterations of global ideologies (such as socialism, feminism, and Zionism), and artistic movements approached as both locally authentic and extra-nationally salient. Interested also in the multitude of push and pull reasons for immigration of Latin American Jewry within and beyond Latin America—including Israeli historical developments and related local reactions; national instances of political and economic instability, including military dictatorships and currency devaluations; and the influence of established Latin American Jewish diaspora communities over those who remain—LAJGS encompasses the study of Latin American Jewry within Latin America and beyond.

Fall 2018 Launch Event: A Latin American Pen, A Global Memory: Imagining Anne Frank Today

The Fall 2018 event will feature a dramatic reading of Marjorie Agosín's illustrated book Anne: Imagining the Diary of Anne Frank, which will be accompanied by a multimedia presentation and a moderated conversation about the ongoing relevance of Anne Frank in Latin America, a region that has struggled with authoritarian regimes and ongoing human rights abuses. 
The LAJGS launch event will feature Dalia Wassner, Ph.D. Research Associate, who is directing the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute's Project in Latin American Jewish & Gender Studies, Brandeis University; Marjorie Agosín, PhD. Professor of Spanish at Wellesley College; Francisca Yáñez, Chilean illustrator, graphic designer and visual artist; Nisha Sajnani, Ph.D., Director of Drama Therapy Program at New York University.


Dalia WassnerDalia Wassner is a Research Associate who is directing the Project in Latin American Jewish & Gender Studies at the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute of Brandeis University. She writes on feminist cultural responses to violence in a trans-Atlantic frame, collective memory and memory politics, and cultural connections between Jews and other minorities involved in Latin American processes of national democratization. Her first book Harbinger of Modernity: Marcos Aguinis and the Democratization of Argentina (Boston: Brill, 2014) illuminates the intersecting roles of Jews and public intellectuals in bringing democracy to post-dictatorship Argentina. Dalia Wassner holds a Ph.D. in history from Northeastern University, an M.Phil. in Jewish studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of New York, and M.A.s in history and Latin American studies from Stanford University. Dalia Wassner, Ph.D. has been an active participant at the HBI since 2012 as a Scholar-in-Residence, Research Associate, and Gilda Slifka Internship Program mentor. Since 2015 Dalia Wassner has taught Latin American Jewish history at Brandeis in the Near Eastern & Judaic Studies Department and Latin American & Latino Studies Program. She has also developed courses in Women's studies, Latin American studies, and Jewish studies, most recently at Emerson College, Boston University, and Brandeis University. These courses include Latin America and its Jews: A Cultural History; Modern Latin America; Women Warriors of Latin America; Engendering Culture; Creating National Identity in Latin America; Politics of the Past: History, Memory and the Arts; and Literature of Extreme Situations.

Brandeis University Spring 2018 Course

Dalia Wassner’s Spring 2018 course, The Jews of Latin America, is generously funded by a gift from the Targum Shlishi Foundation. The course is offered jointly through the Department of Near Eastern & Judaic Studies and the Latin American & Latino Studies Portable IslandProgram of Brandeis University. Drawing on the works of public intellectuals, writers, artists, playwrights, and filmmakers, the course provides a textured cultural understanding of the Jewish experience in Latin America and of Latin America’s experience of its Jews.



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