The JGirls Guide

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Growing up isn't always easy. It's challenging to get good grades, be there for friends, show respect to parents, keep up with trends, stay healthy, date the right person and still make the world a better place. With all of the choices and challenges that Jewish girls face in their early teen years, how can they choose the best path to go from being a girl to becoming a young Jewish woman? How can Jewish wisdom help them with their search?

"The JGirl’s Guide: The Young Jewish Woman's Handbook for Coming of Age" is a first-of-its kind book of practical, real-world advice using Judaism as a compass for the journey through adolescence. A fun survival guide for coming of age, it explores the wisdom and experiences of rabbis, athletes, writers, scholars, musicians and great Jewish thinkers, as well as girls who share their worries, concerns and joys.


"'The JGirl's Guide' is cool. You should check it out.”
— Anita Diamant, author of "The Red Tent" and "The New Jewish Baby Book: Names, Ceremonies & Customs — A Guide for Today's Families"

"An invaluable tool for anyone working with Jewish girls. It incorporates important Jewish history and values into the issues Jewish girls face today. I recommend it highly.”
— Rosalind Wiseman, author of "Queen Bees and Wannabees" and co-founder of the Empower Program

”Sit down with your daughter and read this book together! Do it today! Open each of its chapters and share the wisdom and the warmth of this great book. 'The JGirl's Guide' has a great secret for every girl of spirit and strength: You are not alone! You are connected to a magnificent tradition of Jewish women who have so much to teach you! On behalf of all our daughters, thank you Penina, Ali and Shulamit for a gift of such depth and insight.”
— Rabbi Edward Feinstein, author of "Tough Questions Jews Ask: A Young Adult's Guide to Building a Jewish Life"

"A tour de force! For JGirls of all ages…the perfect gift, for it candidly and clearly offers profound wisdom to help Jewish girls grow into healthy, Judaically knowledgeable, involved and caring human beings. I can't wait for my own daughter to read it."
— Rabbi Joshua Elkin, executive director of The Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education

”The arrival of 'The JGirl's Guide' couldn't be more timely…. It captures the essence of a unique coming of age and skillfully provides tools to help young girls grow up with a confident sense of self and proud to be Jewish.”
—Donnie Kanter Winokur, founding executive director of The Body and Soul National Institute