Today I Am a Woman – Interesting Stories Not In The Book

"Today I Am a Woman: Stories of Bat Mitzvah around the World"
Edited by Barbara Vinick and Shulamit Reinharz

Interesting Stories Not In The Book

"Today I am a Woman: Stories of Bat Mitzvah Around the World" contains more than 100 stories from 78 countries. These testimonies are fascinating, surprising, poignant, informative and sometimes dramatic. But they do not represent all of the wonderful accounts and pictures we gathered. Sadly, some of the most interesting accounts, from the most exotic locations, and from the people with whom we very much enjoyed corresponding, are not among the stories that make up "Today I am a Woman."

We desperately wanted every story and picture to be included in the book. But the editorial decision at Indiana University Press was that entries had to be of actual bat mitzvah ceremonies, not of those that didn't happen. The policy was also to not have many stories from a single country. We understand the publisher's intentions and agreed to their decisions. But we still want to share the amazing stories we obtained that fell outside the publisher's criteria.

Some of these stories are by women who were denied the opportunity to celebrate their bat mitzvah. You will learn about customs that made it difficult for girls to be fully recognized as Jews, and about women who learned late in life that their ancestors were Jewish. To give you a chance to read the stories, we are making them available along with accompanying photographs. We hope you will value them, as we do.

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Interesting Stories Not In The Book

Algeria (M. Amar) (pdf)

Algeria and France (M. Cohen) (pdf)

Austria and United States (J.N. Lieberman) (pdf)

Azores and United States (Y. daCosta) (pdf)

England (G. Hirst) (pdf)

Haiti and US (B. Nessin) (pdf)

United States-Cincinnati (I. Schwarz) (pdf)

Myanmar (S. Joseph) (pdf)