Matriculating Students

All incoming students must complete and send in Health Records. Spring 2017 forms are due by Dec 5. Please make an appointment with a health care provider to make sure your records are up to date and complete.


Students provide health records to Brandeis University once-upon matriculation. This assures the Brandeis Health Center, whose records are confidential, has contact information, a report of known drug and other  allergies, a list of current medications and significant health concerns as well as documentation of screening for infectious disease as required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. This includes documentation of immunization and/or blood titers as described. Please download, complete, and return  the appropriate forms below so we can better serve your health needs when you on campus Brandeis Health Center. A delay in submitting the forms will result in a registration hold. Please plan accordingly.

Undergraduate Health Record 2016-2017

Graduate Health Record Fall 2016

Medical Record Release/Request    Use this form to request copies of your medical records which are kept at Brandeis Health Center for 10 years.

Meningococcal Waiver Form -For students living on campus to provide informed declination of required meningococcal vaccine (not recommended).