Free, Confidential Consultation

Concerned about your own or someone else's substance use? Schedule a consultation with Caroline Eichmann at the Counseling Center (781) 736-3730.


If you have a life threatening emergency, call Brandeis University Police at 781-736-3333.

Psychological Counseling Center

To reach the Brandeis Counseling Center, call (781) 736-3730 or visit the Brandeis Counseling Center website.

Counseling and Support

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What to Expect:

If you are concerned about your alcohol or other drug use or that of someone you care about, you may want to consider talking with Lauren Grover, LICSW, the Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Programmer at the Brandeis University Health Center. 

Lauren provides support to students who want to learn more about their own use of substances, reduce or eliminate their use, or have concerns about a friend or family member's use. This is a free service and it is confidential.  

Counseling, education and programs can be scheduled by calling the Lauren at 781-736-3693 or by emailing her at

What We Offer:

BASICS (Brief Alcohol and Other Drug Screening and Intervention for College Students)

A two part interview designed to assist you in examining your behaviors in a non-judgmental, non-confrontational environment. It gives you the opportunity to assess your own risk, identify potential changes that would work for you, and help you to reduce your risk for developing problems in the future.

Consultation, Education, and Referrals

Support for university staff, faculty, and students around substance abuse issues. Consultation to help individuals gain clear and accurate information about drugs and alcohol, including interventions, prevention, and referrals to on and off campus resources including self help groups.


Peers Educating about Responsible Choices (PERC) are Brandeis Peer Educators who can come to your group, community living space, or event to distribute information on alcohol awareness, policy on campus, and safe hosting. They can also tailor their programming to your group or event needs. Contact PERC at

Commonly Asked Questions:

How do I make an appointment?

The easiest way to make an appointment is to email Lauren directly at  Please have a few times available that work for you to meet.

Where is the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Located?

The Alcohol and Drug Counselor's office is located in the Health Center.  Proceed to the front counter and ask for the Alcohol and Drug Counselor and she will be informed that you have arrived.

How long does the BASICS intervention take?

BASICS sessions usually take about 45 to 50 monites.  There are two of them, usually scheduled within 2 weeks of each other.

How much do the sessions cost?

Sessions with Lauren at the Health Center are free for Brandeis Community members.

Is my communication confidential?

All communication between student and counselor is considered confidential, according to Massachusetts State Law, with the following exceptions:

  • The counselor is permitted to share clinical information about you with other professionals or institutions on your behalf only after you sign a Release of Information for her/him to do so;
  • In situations of potential harm to self;
  • The counselor is required by law to observe duty to warn and protect situations of suspected or actual harm to others;
  • If a court should subpoena records.

Will my parents know that I saw a counselor?

No. The counselor is not permitted to share any information with your parents unless you sign a release of information for her to do so.

Can I come in with a friend or roommate?

Yes. You can make an appointment with multiple people as long as they are relevant to the situation. All parties will have to sign a confidentiality agreement. Please inform counselor if you plan to bring people to the appointment.

Another Campus Resource:

Psychological Counseling Center (PCC)

The Psychological Counseling Center at Brandeis is located on campus at Mailman House. The Counseling Center staff is experienced in dealing with developmental and psychological issues ranging from stress and depression to eating disorders. To reach the Counseling Center, call (781) 736-3730 or visit the PCC website.