Opportunities To Make A Difference

Join the Brandeis University Alcohol and Drug Task Force.

"The task force was a great experience.  I think it has great ideas and a lot of potential to make our campus healthier." Theresa  '11

Join P.E.R.C. (Peers Educating About Responsible Choices)

"P.E.R.C. has been a rewarding experience for me." Keriann, P.E.R.C. President

"I joined PERC after attending my first quad event, where I saw how much fun I could have while still making responsible choices. My favorite activity is still the remote-control cars with beer goggles. I love our meetings on Thursday nights, where we catch up, plan exciting new events, and mostly just laugh. My favorite event this year by far was our 4/20 event where we handed out free brownies on Rabb steps between classes!   Raechel '11.

Educational Initiatives


Customized Workshops and Presentations                                   

The Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program provides a variety of interesting, creative and relevant educational programs.   Customized workshops and presentations are offered throughout the year geared towards student and staff identified needs. Topics have encompassed alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use, and safe hosting, in addition to  health and wellness topics such as sleep and stress management. Please contact Lauren Grover at the Health Center (781-736-3693) to request a presentation or training tailored to your groups needs.



Student Leader Training

The Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program offers training to student leader groups such as Orientation Leaders, Communinity Advisors, and volunteers for campus events, such as Senior Week.  These trainings may include topics such as how to identify someone who may be using substances, basic motivational interviewing skills, and a review of resources on campus.  These presentations can be tailored to the group's needs.


Peers Educating About Responsible Choices (P.E.R.C.)

P.E.R.C. is a group of specially trained student fellows who sponsor residence hall and campus wide programs informing students about alcohol and other drug use.   They are able to personalize trainings for your group and are able to answer questions about campus policies, norms, and  resources from a peer perspective.  P.E.R.C. can be contacted through their email: percfellows@brandeis.edu


task force

The Alcohol and Drug Task Force                                               

The Brandeis University Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force is made up of a team of students, staff, and faculty that meet regularly to examine campus approaches to alcohol and other drug use. If you are interested in participating, please contact Allison Leventhal, Department of Community Living,  or Diana Denning, Nurse Practitioner, Health Center Administration.