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Volume 1 - Healthy Eating, Antioxidants, Healthy Exercise Habits
Volume 2 - The Way We Eat, Eating Healthy in the Dining Halls, Gaining Weight
Volume 3 - Sizing up Portions, Spring Training, Healthy Initiatives
Volume 4 - Healthy Eating on Campus, Eating for Energy, The Truth About Carbs, Food Allergies
Volume 5 - Resolve to Eat Smarter, Great Reasons to be Active, Beyond Calorie Counting

Nutrition Resources

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Eating Concerns

Find out how to get help for concerns related to eating behavior — for yourself or for someone you know. Brandeis Nutritionist Carolyn Butterworth can be reached at 781-736-3696 or by  emailng

Food Allergies and Dietary Needs Process

Get accurate information about food allergies and intolerances, including how they are managed in the Dining Halls

Sports Nutrition

Whether you play varsity or intramural sports , good nutrition can maximize your performance.

Healthy Eating on Campus

Check out tips for getting the most out of your meal plan and for selecting healthy campus options.