Welcome to Brandeis. Brandeis Heath Center is here to support your health needs while you are student.

New  students need  to complete heath record documents, and then complete forms,  enter immunizations, and upload your health documents  to the secure patient portal .

For information on the School BCBS health plan, or to enroll or  waive the plan with your own comparable health insurance go to www.universityhealthplans.com/brandeis

For questions regarding your or the Brandeis  BCBS plan contact University Health Plans at info@univhealthplans.com or call 10800-437-6448

Information for New students and their Families


□More Information on our incoming student health record requirements  is found on our Forms  page!

 Following are some things you can do to prepare for your health needs while away from home.

Carry a copy of your insurance and prescription cards.  You should bring these with you when you access health services. Make sure you understand how your insurance works; when you may need a referral from your Primary Care Provider or if a specific laboratory must be used for example. It is required that you have reasonable coverage for emergency AND non-emergent care in the area of the school. Go to www.universityhealthplans.com for information on the school brokered health insurance plan which meets these requirements.

Review important components of your health history including current medications, conditions that may recur, and allergies. Review the available support resources on campus and how to access them. Please call us with any questions or concerns at 1-781-736-3677.

Make a personal first aid kit complete with a thermometer, band-aids, sunscreen, insect repellant, and any self-care, nonprescription medications you use. 

□If using prescription medications or supplements make sure you understand how to store them. We recommend you use a lock box to keep your prescriptions safe and review potential interactions with alcohol and other medications. A pharmacy delivers directly to the Health Center for your convenience. See our website (www.brandeis.edu/health ) for more information.

□Make sure your immunizations are up to date and get your flu shot annually. Watch for our flu clinic notifications in the fall.

□We encourage students to share their health care concerns and issues with their families. We will need your consent to share details of your medical care if you are over 18 years of age