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SHAC Subcommittees

Do you want to be involved in SHAC? Read the following descriptions about our subcommittees email for more information on how to apply to be apart of SHAC.

  • Policy and Development 
    • Creating and updating the constitution and expectations around SHAC
    • Improving communication and distribution of the Health Center's policies and procedures across campus
    • Improving students understanding and use of Brandeis' Health Insurance 
  • Event and Publicity
    • Coordinating with the Health and Wellness Manager on events that they are organizing
    • Updating and maintaining Health and Wellness Social Media pages
    • Editing the SHAC webpage
  • Student Body Representatives
    • Tabling, collecting, and analyzing data on students uses of health center services
    • Representing student populations such as international students, first year students, minorities, etc
    • Determining basic health needs not being met on campus among specific student groups
  • Preventative Health 
    • Updating health information displayed within the health center and on the website
    • Promoting and distributing health information or health events such as flu clinics
    • Becoming peer educators on different aspects of health such as nutrition, respiratory illnesses, and sexual reproductive health