News and Updates

SHAC Environmental Feedback Survey

We will be tabling again on Friday, March 16th, 2018 next to the Stein from 5:00pm to 6:00pm to allow students to take our feedback survey on experience at the health center and general knowledge on health and wellness. In exchange, students can have a cold or Stress care kit! Feel free to stop by as you are making your way to Sherman or the Stein!

Plan B Vending Machines

Brandeis Pro-Choice have started an initiative to provide students with 2/7 access to sexual reproductive resources such as Plan B, condoms, and pregnancy tests in vending machines. The machines are going to be located in gender neutral bathrooms for all to access. Costs are uncertain yet but more information will be provided soon!

Community Advisors!!

Are you a CA and are running out of ideas and fun things to do in your hall? Come to the Health Center and get a pre-packaged bulletin board for information on Managing Stress and make cold/stress care kits for your residents. Email the Health Center Administrator, Diana Denning, to set an appointment to come in and get materials!

managing stress board display.jpg