Preparing for Travel

Start planning at least one month ahead! Call the health center for an appointment at 781-736-3677. let the receptionist know

For your appointment:

  • bring a copy of your latest physical or schedule one at the health center,
  • bring copies of your most up to date immunization records (if not already on file at the health center),
  • Let the receptionist know where you are planning to travel to.

International Travel

International travel information, education, counseling  and many of the recommended vaccinations are  available at Brandeis Health Center.

Call 781-736-3677 to set up an appointment with a provider- ideally at least 4 weeks before traveling. 

IF YOU ARE PART OF A GROUP TRAVELING FROM THE SCHOOL PLEASE HAVE A GROUP REPRESENTATIVE CALL TO SET UP GROUP SESSIONS!  This is the most efficient way for the health center clinicians to share information relevant to your destination site and to plan for the the necessary individual vaccinations following the group interview/discussion.

Most insurers do not cover preventive travel medicines and immunizations. Some may reimburse. We recommend you check your plan benefits.  We recommend that you schedule your travel visit at least a month before departure.

These services can also be obtained at other facilities *ask about insurance coverage and costs BEFORE scheduling the visit!

Additional Information

CDC Travel information Website