Hiatt Alex Xiao ’16 Video Transcript

ON SCREEN: Alex Xiao standing in the Hiatt lobby; a room with couches, chairs and desks.

ALEX: So I am a guy who loves exploration.

ALEX: And being an HA, I’m you know able to reach out to and work with a lot of students. Students come from different cultural background, students that have different academic or other interest work with me.

ALEX: So, you know, this is a chance that I can see you know wow, this is how people live their life. I didn’t know this before. It’s really an inspiration for me in a lot of cases.

ALEX: So, I'm happy to be here, I love this sense of constant inspiration and the horizon broadening

ON SCREEN: Alex reaches over to a basket and holds up a piece of candy.

ALEX: Well besides, you know, good candies, free candies all the time so I guess it's good.”