Letter of Offer

If your intern is participating in the Transcript Notation program or is getting credit for his/her internship, Brandeis University required you to complete a Letter of Offer and help the student develop the Learning Agreement.

1. Assist the student in developing the Learning Agreement.

  • The student was asked to develop the Learning Agreement in cooperation with you.
  • Please let us know if you have any concerns over the Learning Agreement - we are happy to help.
  • You will receive an email copy of the Agreement so you can go back to it during your supervisory meetings. 
2. Send your intern a Letter of Offer.
  • These documents outline activities and projects at the organization in which the student will be involved and how the intern will be supervised or mentored during the period. By being as specific as possible in these documents, you are creating a better working relationship between you and the intern. 

3. Complete intern evaluation at the end of the program.

  • While it is the student's responsibility to furnish these documents to Brandeis in a timely manner, we appreciate your cooperation and assistance.
  • If you have concerns writing a set of common goals, see some of our resources.