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B.hired (powered by Handshake) is the Hiatt Career Center’s online recruiting system. Below please find step-by-step instructions to make the most of the system.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact recruiting@brandeis.edu or call (781) 736-3618.


Need more help? Visit Handshake’s Knowledge Base   

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New Users

To register for an account in B.hired complete the following steps:

  1. First, visit the registration page and select "need an account". 
  2. Click “Employer” from the three boxes that appear on the registration page. 
  3. Fill out the information requested in the from that appears after clicking on your user type. Once approved by the Hiatt Employer Relations team, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to confirm your account. You won't be able to proceed with the registration process until you confirm your account. If you don't receive a confirmation email see the steps outlined in the confirmation email article.
  4. Once you've confirmed your account you'll need to connect it with an employer profile in Handshake. Employer profiles in Handshake are shared across the entire company and are visible to users on Handshake. Different divisions can be created and managed once you've connected or created your employer profile. If your organization is already using Handshake search for it in the 'Find your Company' screen and an approval request will be sent to the existing staff members for security purposes. This helps protect your organization's brand on the site and reduces the number of fraudulent employers on Handshake.
  5. If your company is not using Handshake you see the option to create a new company profile. You will enter your company's information and select 'Create New Employer'.
  6. Once you have been approved at your company or created a new one you can start using Handshake and interviewing quality candidates!

Need more help? Visit Handshake’s Knowledge Base   

Existing Users

Already have an account? Log into B.hired at right by entering your username and password and clicking the “Go” button.

Forgot your password? Click on the Forgot Password? link.  B.hired will automatically generate a new password and email it to you.  You can then log into the system and change your password.

Post Jobs & Internships

To post a position in B.hired:

  1. Start by selecting the 'Jobs' tab on the left side of the navigation bar. This will bring up the Job Postings page
  2. Next select "New Job" in the upper right hand corner. A general tip - If you'd like to create something new you can generally find the "new" button in the top right hand corner of that page.
  3. Once you've arrived on the job form fill out the required fields, and select "Create Job" at the end of the form. We encourage you to fill out as many of the fields as possible to ensure the position shows up in as many searches as possible.
  4. Next, you will be asked you to fill in the Job Qualifications to match it up with qualified students. Once you're finished, hit "Update Qualifications." This will bring you the to job summary page, where you can see all the information you just entered. 
  5. The new job has now been submitted for approval. The Employer Relations team will approve the posting request within 48 hours of submission.

Request an On/Off-campus Interview Schedule

Hiatt will arrange your interview schedule to fit your specifications.  Follow the instructions below to request an interview schedule:

  1. Start by selecting "Interviews" on the left side navigation bar.
  2. To create and request a new interview schedule, select "Request Interview Schedule" in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Fill out all required fields. For a more detailed explanation of the different types of interviews, please check out our article on Types of Interviews.
  4. Once you are finished, hit "Request Interview Schedule" at the bottom of the page. This will send the request to the Employer Relations team to create a new interview schedule.
  5. The Employer Relations team will approve the OCR schedule request within 48 hours of submission.

For more about Interview Schedules please review Handshake’s Knowledge Base

Request an Information Session

  1. Click on “Events” in the left hand navigation bar.
  2. Select “Request Event”
  3. Input the Type (Workshop, Info Session, Other), Event Name, Start & End Date, Description and Host School (Brandeis).
  4. The Employer Relations team will approve the information session request within 48 hours of submission and contact you if any additional information is needed about the event. 

Search for Students 

You can search for students, schools, and events. Filter these categories to find all seniors from Brandeis with mathematics majors or juniors majoring in business and much more!