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Sample Letter of Offer (pdf)

Sample Learning Agreement (pdf)

Letter on Internship Credit Eligibility (pdf)

Unpaid Internships & FLSA Memo (pdf)

Online Evaluation

Brandeis encourages all intern supervisors to complete this online evaluation.

Supervisors will have the option to keep their evaluation confidential.

To give immediate feedback to the Hiatt Career Center, please contact us.

Get started with internships

Internships are supervised work experiences that allow students to sharpen their skills, develop career interests and employer contacts, assess their strengths, and connect classroom theories to practice in real world settings.

While most students intern during the summer months, Brandeis undergrads complete fall and spring internships as well.

Internship Guidelines

Internship programs for Brandeis students should include:

  • A minimum of 100 hours of substantive on-site work
  • A minimum length of 6 weeks during the summer or 10 weeks during the fall/spring semesters
  • Clear learning goals based upon mutually agreed upon learning outcomes
  • Clear expectations for supervision
  • Opportunities for the student to reflect on their progress toward achieving their learning outcomes

Employer Responsibilities

Setting Goals

To assist in the mentoring and reflection process, we recommend the student and employer have a formalized letter of offer and/or a learning agreement in place before the internship commences.  This greatly enhances the quality of the student’s work and overall experience.  Feel free to download the samples at right for your reference.


Additionally, your evaluation of Brandeis interns is essential. By completing this online performance evaluation, you give the University a better understanding of the work they accomplished and how the Hiatt Career Center can better prepare future candidates to work at your organization.

Compensation & Academic Credit

Internships at Brandeis can be paid or unpaid, credit-bearing or not-for credit. However, Brandeis strongly encourages employers to compensate interns in order to create a more competitive applicant pool.  Solely offering unpaid internships often eliminates highly qualified students from applying, as many need to earn money and thus will consider other opportunities.

Brandeis acknowledges that some organizations require unpaid interns to earn credit for their internship.  Brandeis strongly encourages its students to connect their internship to their liberal arts courses, but please note: academic credit is awarded for the completion of the internship course that is associated with an internship, not the internship experience itself.  Internship courses are optional and not available in all academic areas.

For more information about academic credit, download this official letter (pdf) or contact Daniel Langenthal, Director of Experiential Learning and Teaching.

Under the FLSA, employees may not volunteer services to for-profit private sector employers.  For more information about the Department of Labor's criteria for unpaid internships, download this memo (pdf) on the Fair Labor Standards Act.