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Submit & Manage Recommendations

The Hiatt Career Center is pleased to partner with Interfolio, Inc. for the online management of credential files and letters of recommendation. We know that writing letters of recommendation can be a time-consuming task, so hopefully this system will help you manage that process better and save you time, while still providing a valuable service to our students.

Interfolio is well-established as the premier online credentials management service for candidates applying for graduate study, academic positions and fellowships. Interfolio’s service allows students and alumni to create and manage a portfolio of their credentials, including confidential and non-confidential letters of recommendation, teacher evaluations, writing samples, curriculum vitae and more.

Convenience and Ease of Use:

  • You can upload documents electronically into Interfolio’s safe and secure system or mail letters directly to Interfolio.
  • You always retain access to uploaded documents. An optional free Interfolio writer's account gives access to all uploaded documents, so writers can check the status or easily make updates to documents they have written.
  • Students and alumni request Interfolio to mail or electronically transfer documents as part of their application process, reducing the time you spend fielding these requests.

Reliability and Security:

  • Interfolio manually reviews every letter once upon receipt and again prior to delivery to ensure accuracy and legitimacy.
  • You can personally verify the authenticity of documents they upload electronically through writer accounts.
  • Interfolio is FERPA compliant and uses multiple layers of technological security to ensure that confidential documents stay that way. Students cannot read closed or confidential letters.
  • Robust technological safeguards, including SSL encryption, keep stored documents secure, and private. Digital backups are stored at a secure, off-site location to further protect important documents.

You may, of course, continue to write letters of recommendations on behalf of students and send them directly to the applicable institutions that request them. We are confident, however, that you will be very pleased with our partnership with Interfolio and the ease and convenience this new system provides you.

Learn more about Interfolio and opening a free writer’s account. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Andrea Dine, director of the Hiatt Career Center, at (781) 736-3620.