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Department Testimonials

Read what academic departments are saying about partnering with the Hiatt Career Center.

"Working with the Hiatt Career Center has been a terrific way for me to help my students stay on top of the many recruiting and networking opportunities available on campus. Hiatt has been a great partner. They have expanded the number and type of internship and job opportunities for students in my discipline based on student interest, and they have helped me locate excellent guest speakers for my classes.

Together, we have also collaborated on an annual Marketing Forum which brings employers to campus for a networking event for students. I am also working with Hiatt to develop a Business Careers crash course or boot camp to help students understand entry level job opportunities in the various business disciplines and industries. I look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership next year and in the future."

Grace Zimmerman
Senior Lecturer, Undergraduate Advising Head (UAH) | Business Department, International Business School

"I referred a student to Hiatt after she told me that she was feeling lost as she began to question her original assumptions about her career plans. Meeting with the staff at Hiatt helped her move past seeing this uncertainty as a problem. Rather, she became excited about exploring all her options and developed a specific plan for doing so. Thanks for all you do for Brandeis students!"

Sara Shostak
Associate Professor, UAH | Sociology Department

"As we head into summer, I wanted to take a moment to thank Hiatt in general and Abigail Crine in particular for the support and expertise you regularly provide to the Psychology Department and our majors. We've appreciated your participation as a panel member at several of our departmental events, such as Grad School/Career Night and a Psi Chi discussion of professional and career trajectories with a psychology degree. In addition, as Undergrad Advising Head I have heard from a number of our majors about how productive they found the resources of Hiatt and their individual discussions with you to be about job-seeking, interviewing and post-graduate planning. I look forward to working together again next year."

Joe Cunningham
Professor, UAH | Psychology Department

"[The staff at the Hiatt Career Center] have been wonderful partners with the Biotechnology program. They have taught units on resumés, introductions, cover letters, and finding an internship or job in our professional skills courses. They have also arranged site visits for our students to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and welcomed our students to the Biotech, Health and Science Forum, which is an extraordinary opportunity to meet potential employers."

Neil Simister, D.Phil.
Associate Professor | Biology Department
Director | PSM Program in Biotechnology