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First Year

Your first year on campus should be full of self-reflection and observation. What are you thinking and feeling as you make this adjustment to college life? Overall, try to get to know yourself better. Focus on what makes you happy and what makes your life meaningful.

The following four goal suggestions are designed to help you in your self-reflection, and are generally helpful to most first year students.

Goal: Reflect

  • Write in a journal or audio/video record your thoughts, impressions, wishes, goals and passions as you take courses, meet new friends and engage in clubs, sports and other activities.
  • Engage in activities that will stimulate introspection and help you feel good about yourself. Staying healthy, getting plenty of sleep and making good grades will contribute to an overall feel-good attitude.
  • Engage in self-reflection. What are your values, skills and interests?  What do past employers or faculty most appreciate about your work?  One online assessment available to you is TypeFocus, which helps you define and understand YOUR personality strengths, skills, values and interests. It will even link you to career titles that match your results. A career counselor at Hiatt will explain and review your results with you so that you can derive the most benefit from it. Schedule an appointment!
  • Participate in self-reflection exercises.  Some small self-reflection group activities will be offered throughout the year at Hiatt Career Center and in residence halls. Check the Hiatt calendar in B.hired for details.

Goal: Write a resume as a formal reflection on your skills and interests.

  • Draft a resume using Hiatt’s guidelines to attract the attention of others; perhaps for a leadership position on campus or a part-time job.
  • Stop by Hiatt during drop-ins for quick guidance, resume critique and/or approval.
  • Attend a resume writing workshop. Check the Hiatt calendar in B.hired for details.

Goal: Network with alumni to learn and reflect on a particular career.

Goal: Engage in an internship, summer job or other meaningful activity such as volunteering, classes or travel.

  • Reflect on and write about your experience in a journal. Update your resume with the new skills such as research, teamwork or language skills. Other personal attributes such as punctuality and the ability to follow through and meet deadlines are good to observe and then perhaps include on your resume as well.