Junior Year

During the first two years of college you learned about yourself and what would make you happy, explored personal skills and strengths, gained more work or internship experience and chose a major. Now may be the time for you to continue to Explore while you take action to start connecting with others outside the university; take your ideas about yourself and what interests you for a test drive, try them out on the world and see how you fit. This is really about building your network with employers, graduate and career fair representatives and alumni ; “Network to Connect” might be your motto for junior year.

At any time you might want to go back to the Reflect and Explore pages to review where you have been or to catch up on certain activities.

Goal: Prepare, redefine, reevaluate or determine your strengths, skills, values and interests.

  • Do other formal and informal reflection and assessment exercises independently and with a Hiatt counselor to define a plan for moving forward.

Goal: Plan options for connecting with professionals who can help you bridge experiences between college and post-graduation.

  • Define a tentative plan A and B for your goals after you graduate. Some of your choices: graduate school, law school, medical school, a job or internship, travel or alternative service.
  • Make an appointment with Hiatt's pre-law and graduate school adviser or with Pre-health Advising to help with your planning so you will know how and why you want to start connecting.

Goal: Know how to write and use written business communication.

  • Update and polish your resume, cover letters and thank you notes.
  • Use email appropriately.
  • Ask Hiatt counselors, academic advisers and professors for feedback on business communications.

Goal: Find a summer job, a part-time job or an internship.

  • Decide whether you want a job, perhaps just to get good work experience and money, or an internship for which you may or may not be paid but will gain specific, supervised training in your area of interest as well as networking contacts.
  • Take a “How to Get an Internship or Job” workshop at Hiatt. Check the B.hired calendar for workshop times and dates throughout the year.
  • Read all about networking and informational interviews and practice conducting a brief meeting with someone you know well.

Goal: Connect with employers, alumni and career and graduate school representatives.

  • Impress! Check that your clothing, shoes, general appearance, presentation style (tone of voice, eye contact, handshake), manners and etiquette are appropriate. Be ready to present to others off-campus.
  • Deliver a 30-second “tell me about yourself” introduction that highlights your skills and strengths and what you are interested in doing. Leave it on your voicemail message and perfect it. Create a 30-second “elevator speech.”
  • Connect with as many professional people as you can. Conduct informational meetings to gather information and referrals to build your network.
  • Keep track of contact information and relevant professional data for everyone you connect with using Excel or other software designed for this purpose.