Senior Year

Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your college experience, your senior year!

If you have been following some of the career planning suggestions in Reflect, Explore and Connect, you are ready to define your strategy for using your network to connect to your post-Brandeis plan. If you have not been following the suggestions, there may be some activities you have already done in a less formal manner. Don’t worry; your timing is fine. We enjoy working with seniors wherever you are in the process of preparing for your post-graduate years. Don't forget: you also have Hiatt services for life!

The following goals are highly suggested:

Goal: Create a strategy and a timeline for a Plan A and B to keep you on track and relaxed throughout your senior year.


Goal: Develop a plan(s)/timeline for post-graduation so you can feel confident that you are moving toward your goals.

Select goals that are appropriate to your level of preparation in order to connect with your future!

Goal: Prepare to meet employers who can hire you in order to make the best use of your time.

  • Research field, location and other criteria you have for employers.
  • Identify employers who will hire you.
  • Identify as many ways as possible to make contact with these employers: campus recruiting, career and job fairs and forums, alumni contacts, CIC, Hiatt alumni-employer programs, networking contacts, direct mail and direct application.
  • Develop your top three selling points for target employers and rewrite your resume and cover letters to highlight those. (See job search)
  • Use B.hired and other online resources for job opportunities and networking contacts.
  • Prepare for interviews using proper etiquette.  InterviewStream is a great tool to practice your interview skills 24/7.

Goal: Contact alumni (who are happy to speak with you!) in order to start building a network [link] of trusted advisers for your employment plan.

  • Set up informational meetings using B.hired to search for alums in your field(s) of interest.
  • Consider whether networking would help you gain greater clarity.
  • Offer to do an internship if it would give you more substantial experience.

Goal: Take advantage of office hours with professors, whether your goal is graduate school or employment.

  • Ask for advice and possible contacts for informational meetings.
  • Ask for references to put in your credentials file on Interfolio.
  • Ask for specific information about graduate schools and mentors at those schools.

Goal: Build a network of personal and professional contacts.

  • Make sure your contacts are willing to help you with your plans by connecting you to other people, such as employers or graduate school contacts, who can truly help you achieve your Plan A or Plan B goals.
  • Tell everyone you know about your goal and "talk it up" to Hiatt counselors, faculty, advisors, friends, family, clergy and other professionals with whom you have a comfortable, friendly relationship.
  • Talk to other students or recent alumni who have interned or been employed at organizations or attended the schools you are targeting.

Goal: Identify graduate schools and law schools and follow guidelines outlined in the graduate and law school handbooks.

  • Set up tours and informational meetings during breaks in the academic calendar.

Goal: Research alternative work, travel and volunteer programs.

  • Consider domestic and international opportunities.

Goal: Connect with employers or graduate schools.

  • Check the B.hired calendar for times and advanced preparation if required.

Goal: Implement your original Plan A or Plan B or the plan you defined in the intensive workshop.

  • Connect with employers, graduate schools, alternative travel and work opportunities.
  • Get individualized coaching from Hiatt counselors as you progress toward your goals.

Goal: Connect with yourself in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life.

  • If you are healthy and energetic, you are much more likely to achieve your goals: interviewers and employers want healthy, positive people to join their organizations.

Goal: Take Time for Yourself!

  • Maintain a sense of well-being: be positive, exercise and eat and sleep well.
  • Find others for support. The Hiatt offers both undergraduate and alumni counseling.
  • The Counseling Center can offer you resources for dealing with anxiety and stress.
  • Give yourself credit for working toward your goals!