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Sophomore Year

Sophomore year is a good time to gather your reflections, ideas and curiosities to explore. Discover as much as there is to know about your interests and the world of work, careers and other alternative pursuits before you commit to a major or make a plan for your career. If you explore, decisions regarding your major, study abroad, networking and internships will evolve and begin to take shape. Exploration requires being flexible and open to new ideas. It also requires systematic research, as well as first-hand experience.

Use the following goals as suggestions for exploration:

Goal: Reflect

  • Review the self-reflection activities for First Year students.
  • If you haven’t thought about your values, skills and interests yet, don’t delay

Goal: Research and explore majors.

  • Seek in-depth information about Brandeis majors, including alumni in these majors and what they are doing now.
  • Talk with professors and upper-class students regarding possible majors.
  • Attend information sessions within academic departments and with employers. Check Hiatt's calendar on B.hired for details.
  • Make an appointment with your adviser in Academic Services.
  • Visit Hiatt to identify experiential programs that will give you more information about your areas of interest such as networking, internships and junior year abroad.
  • Choose a major, based on all of your good research and self-reflection to date.
  • Use Hiatt’s online research tools including Spotlight on Careers, Vault, Occupational Outlook handbook and O*Net.

Goal: Write or revise your resume to explore others’ interest in what you have to offer.

  • Promote your skills, personality traits and experience to an employer, internship supervisor or alumni who may be looking for exactly what you offer.

Goal: Explore how your interests and skills fit through internships, networking or a summer job.

  • Attend programs designed to help you prepare for internships and networking.
  • Use as many resources as possible to find a great summer job.

Goal: Adventure and study abroad.

  • Attend the study abroad fair . Check Hiatt's calendar on B.hired for details.
  • Make an appointment at the Study Abroad office to discuss your ideas for exploration through studying and a possible internship abroad.

Goal: Research programs that may require advanced planning before graduation.

Research programs such as graduate schools, law school, early decision medical school and research career fields of interest to you.  Key resources include Hiatt’s website, Spotlight on CareersVaultOccupational Outlook handbook and O*Net