It is your responsibility to submit all required documents to Hiatt by the deadline.  We cannot accept partial or late applications.

The online application will be submitted electronically.  Please deliver the following documents, in person to Hiatt (hard copies, no emails):

  • Transcript
  • Letter of offer
  • Resume
  • Letters of recommendation can either be submitted in person (in sealed envelopes), or sent directly through the online recommendation form.

Study Abroad Submission

Students studying abroad can still apply to WOW, and are subject to same deadlines.   Please adhere to the following, modified instructions for submitting an application from abroad.


Summer 2014 Application due Tuesday, 4/1/14 at noon.*

Before You Begin

  • Prior to applying to WOW, you must have secured an internship offer from an organization.
  • Please review the Eligibility Criteria to ensure you are eligible to apply.
  • You may want to consult the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • View slides from the "Applying to WOW" workshop
  • Similar to other funding programs at Brandeis, there are a limited number of WOW ​awards.  Each year we receive​ many more applications than available fellowships.  As you secure your internship and complete the application process, please consider other options should you not receive a WOW award. 
*​​The April 1st deadline was set to allow​ as many ​students ​ as possible to apply to WOW, while taking into consideration the time necessary to read applications and process payments for selected fellows.  Many students need to receive the funding prior to summer break to cover internship-related expenses such as flights and housing deposits. 

There are five pieces to the WOW application.  Please click on each component below to learn more. 

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Online Application

The online application has three components:

  1. Biographical data
  2. Information about your internship site
  3. Short essay questions are a crucial component of your application and weigh heavily in the committee's decision-making process. We ask that you: 
    • Clearly articulate your interest in the proposed industry and this particular organization & how you have prepared for this experience.
    • Define learning goals (academic, personal, career) that you hope to achieve this summer
    • Explain how you plan to achieve those goals, citing specific examples from the work you will be doing
    • *Note* essay questions can be viewed on page 2 of the online application
Letter of Offer

The Selection Committee will want to know that a significant conversation was conducted to identify a strong fit between your goals and the experience the organization can provide. 

You must secure a letter from your future supervisor confirming that he/she has offered you an internship at the organization.  The letter should: 

  • Specify your dates of employment, which must be at least 8 weeks, 200 hours
  • Confirm that the internship is unpaid
  • Explain your responsibilities in detail
  • Acknowledge your learning goals
  • Preferably be on company letterhead, signed by your supervisor
  • You may wish to present this Letter of Offer explanation form to your supervisor for guidance
  • Sample letter of offer
Letters of Recommendation
You will need two (2) letters of recommendation.  Because letters of recommendation typically take longest to collect, we suggest starting the conversation with your references as soon as possible.
  • One letter should be from a supervisor -- someone who can evaluate you in a professional setting (e.g. in an on- or 0ff- campus job, volunteer experience, lab, etc).
  • The other letter should be from a faculty member -- someone who can evaluate you in an academic setting.
  • References may submit letters one of three ways: 
    • Write a letter and deliver it to you in a signed, sealed envelope to be submitted with your other WOW application materials
    • Use this Letter of Recommendation form (also must be sealed in an envelope and submitted in person)
    • Submit an online recommendation through this Online Recommendation Form
  • Advice for selecting references
  • Sample letter of recommendation
  • Please submit only 2 letters.  Hiatt will not read nor consider any additional recommendations.
  • Please note: reference letters may not be written by anyone who will be supervising you at your proposed internship site.
  • Letters of recommendation written by friends or peers (CAs, club leaders, undergraduate TAs) will not be accepted.
Academic Transcript
  • Official transcripts can be requested through the Registrar's office.
  • Unofficial transcript can also be copied and pasted from SAGE into a Word document.