WOW Intern Spotlight


"I am extremely fortunate to have received funding through World of Work to intern at the American Jewish World Service this summer.  The new experience is bound to be filled with opportunities for growth and development. I hope to make the most of this incredible occasion and reach new heights in every aspect of my life. Specifically, on a personal level, my goal is to gain a new level of independence, as I will be living and working in a big city without my standard support system.  I hope to become more confident in making my own plans, and traveling by and cooking for myself.  On a professional level, my goal is to network, network, network. I hope to meet people in my field of interest and learn from them. I aim to forge strong connections with both successful and budding professionals in the field who might help me later on, when I am thinking about and looking for jobs.  Finally, I hope to grow academically during this summer.  My internship will involve a lot of communications and organization. I hope to carry these skills through in my academic work.  My academic goal for this internship is to gain skills that will also benefit me at school. "

- Jessi Puterman '15, AJWS, New York, NY

Premier Social Justice Internships Funded by WOW!

brandeisPAID Internships in Social Justice!  GUARANTEED for a Brandeis Student!

The Hiatt Career Center is pleased to announce a special subset of the Social Justice Fellowships through the continued support of the Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund for Social Justice.  Hiatt is partnering with premier social justice mission-based organizations to offer a funded* summer internship for a qualified Brandeis undergraduate. Internship sites include:

*Recipients will receive $4000.

Please note: ALL WOW Applicant Characteristics, Eligibility Criteria and Recipient Requirements apply.

For more information, please contact Jackie Blesso, Assistant Director of Career Development.

**After applying for these opportunities, students are encouraged to continue searching for another  summer internship in order to apply for other WOW funds.