Selection Criteria

The WOW selection committee will evaluate your application on its overall strength, clarity, and effectiveness according to the following criteria.  You may want to keep these in mind when developing your internship and in creating your application essays.

Purposefulness of Student Essay

  • Student articulates clearly his or her interest in the proposed industry.
  • Student articulates how the experience will be useful in career exploration.
  • Essays contain clear, realistic, and measurable learning goals for the experience.
  • Essays are well-written and demonstrate thorough research and preparation.
  • The internship will provide the student with an experience he or she might not be able to explore without financial support.

Strength of Invitation

  • The proposed internship site is an organization equipped to host and adequately supervise the student.
  • The Letter of Offer invites the student for a specific period, indicates there is a position and appropriate work for the student, and agrees to mentor the student.
  • Host organization acknowledges an understanding of the student’s learning goals.

Student Preparedness for the Experience

  • Students demonstrate preparedness to undertake an internship in a new field or one in which they have worked in a number of ways, including: past experiences, academic classes, industry research, and faculty mentoring.
  • Student articulates a solid understanding of the industry, type of work, location, and other matters involved in the proposed internship.
  • Student indicates maturity and a strong sense of the responsibility and independence involved in executing the project and accepting an internship.

Match Between Student Goals and Host Organization

  • The student has shared specific internship goals with the organization which can meet these goals in the specified period.
  • Organization agrees to take an active role in the student’s internship experience in ways that support the WOW program’s mission to apply classroom learning to real-world work settings, provide an exploration of "real life" work in a specific field, and to support the student's skill and career development.


  • The internship will provide the student with an experience he or she might not be able to explore without financial support.
  • Student shows initiative and creativity in finding the internship.
  • Student requires a professional experience in order to become a desirable candidate in subsequent job searches.
  • Student adds diversity to pool of selected applicants.
  • The committee prioritizes students who have not received internship funding from other Brandeis sources in the past.
  • Overall impression of all materials.