Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund for Social Justice WOW

Shikha Chandarana ’16
SNEHA Society for Nutrition, Education & Health Action, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Ilana Cedarbaum ’17
United for a Fair Economy, Boston, MA 

Elese Chen ’18
National Consumer League, Washington, DC 

Anatasia Christilles '18
Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, San Antonio, TX

Rebecca (Rivka) Cohen ’17
Roots, Gush Etzion/Bethlehem, West Bank, Israel

Eric Danowski ’18
Asian CineVision, Brooklyn, NY

Jay Feinstein ’17
Living On Earth, Boston, MA

Dustin Fire ’17 
Suffolk County District Attorney's Office, Boston, MA

Marian Gardner ’18
American Jewish World Services, New York, NY

Emilie Kahn-Boesel ’18
International Institute of Boston, Boston, MA 

Rachel Kurland ’18
Boston University School of Public Health, Boston, MA 

Leah Levine ’17
Alzheimer's Association, Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter, Watertown, MA

Ruby Macsai-Goren ’18
Chicago Innocence Center, Chicago, IL

Mira McMahon '18
LifeMoves, Menlo Park, CA

Santiago Montoya ’19
Cinco Puntos Press, El Paso, TX

Tina Nguyen ’17
Rosie's Place, Boston, MA

Georgia Nichols ’18
Verite, Amherst, MA 

Benjamin Percival ’18
United Nations Development Programme Samoa Multi-Country Office, Apia, Samoa 

Remington Pontes ’17
Massachusetts Peace Action, Cambridge, MA 

Claudia Roldan ’18
American Red Cross Puerto Rico Chapter, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jennifer Rossman ’17
One Mission, Framingham, MA 

Lydia Ruddick-Schulman 
AVODAH, New York, NY 

Danya Schlussel ’17
ExpandED Schools, New York, NY 

Eliyahu Schudrich ’19
The Fortune Society, Long Island, NY

LaShawn Simmons ’18
Empowering Through Education (ETE) Camp, Boston/Hinche, MA 

Shoshi Singer ’18
Girls' LEAP (Leadership Empowerment and Awareness Program), Dorchester, MA

Rhea Small ’17
United States Environmental Protection Agency, Boston, MA 

Melissa Viezel ’17
Harvard Lab for Youth Mental Health, Cambridge, MA

Rebecca Wiser '19
Anti-Defamation League, Boston, MA

Amy Zhang ’18
Supportive Living, Lexington, MA

Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund for Social Justice WOW

brandeis There is in most...some spark of idealism, which can be fanned into a flame. It takes sometimes a divining rod to find what it is; but when found, and that means often, when disclosed to the owners, the results are often most extraordinary.
-Louis D. Brandeis

The Louis D. Brandeis Social Justice WOW Fellowship is a prestigious grant $4000 to support undergraduates performing unpaid summer internships at organizations that address issues of social justice.  Whether through tech support, marketing, financial analytics, education, direct-service, or grass-roots campaigning, there are many ways to support social justice in the World of Work.  Hiatt encourages you to think broadly about how you can contribute your unique skills and interests to eliminate social inequalities this summer. 

Hiatt also sponsors internships with premier social justice organizations.  These organizations have reserved a slot for exclusively for a Brandeis student at their organizations.  These have deadlines in early to mid-February and can be found on B.hired.

These awards are generously provided by the Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund for Social Justice, which supports a wide-range of activities that reflect the University's commitment to social justice.

Social Justice Recipient Requirements:

In addition to the regular WOW requirements, Social Justice WOW recipients must

  • Attend a Social Justice WOW reception with the fund's donor upon returning to campus
  • Compose a thank you note to the fund's donor.
  • Attend a one-day, weekend social justice retreat in the fall semester (accommodations made only for those studying abroad)

For information on eligibility and selection criteria, please visit the main WOW page.