2013 Social Work WOW recipient

avi cohen

"It's truly an honor to receive the WOW funding. The funding will allow me to completely dedicate my summer to my internship. I can now afford to go to different trainings and educational seminars at Walker that are offered outside of my work hours. These opportunities will provide me with skills and knowledge that would otherwise be unavailable to me. The WOW funding is bringing me that much closer to achieving my career goal of being a social worker for children."

- Avi Cohen ’15, recipient, 2013 Judith Cossin Berkman ’59 Endowed Fund in Social Work WOW

The Walker School, Needham, MA

Social Work

Judith Cossin Berkman '59 Endowed Internship Fund in Social Work

This special subset of WOW Awards is given to a student whose goal is to pursue a professional career as a social worker.

Students may apply through the regular WOW application process and select 'Social Work' as their area of interest. Applicants must propose to intern for a social service agency. Furthermore, applicants must indicate how this internship will lead them toward a career a social worker.

One student will be selected and will receive a $5,000 stipend for the summer. Because the award is given from a special fund, this amount is larger than other WOW awards.