Say Thank You

A Thank You Note Can:

  • differentiate you from the competition.
  • confirm your interest in the position
  • remind interviewers of your relevant skills
  • clarify or further explain
  • generally make a good impression

 When Should You Send One?

 What to Consider

  • Send the note within 24 hours.  An email is appropriate.  If you want to follow up with a hand-written note, you may. 
  • Be brief.  A few paragraphs at most.
  • Use formal language.  Avoid slang or casual phrases.
  • Be customized to the interview(er). Reference something from your conversation that was particularly helpful, meaningful, or interesting.
  • Indicate next steps.  If the person referred you to another friend or colleague, state your plan of action for contacting that person.  If you plan to apply for a position after your interaction, indicate that, too. 
  • Be error-free.  Watch out for grammar and spelling, especially people’s names and titles.