Hiatt’s networking requirements

Before you can join Hiatt's LinkedIn group, search alumni on CAN, or submit a Wisdom Wanted ad, you must:

1. Read and electronically sign Hiatt's social responsibility and integrity contract.

2. Watch this online workshop and answer the quiz correctly.


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Overview: Networking 101

The Hiatt Career Center defines networking as the initiation, cultivation and management of productive professional relationships.

You're already doing it

Networking can be formal or informal and can take place at any time. If you’ve ever talked to a professor, chatted with a family friend, or made conversation with someone on a plane, then you’ve already participated in networking. In addition to these interactions, Hiatt encourages you to take a more intentional and professional approach.

Benefits of Networking: What's in it for you?

The process of networking may help you to:

  • Build confidence in communicating with others
  • Learn industry trends and professional vocabulary from practitioners
  • Explore industries through an insider’s perspective
  • Identify skills and experiences of successful professionals
  • Develop personal criteria to make choices about careers
  • Improve interview skills through professional conversations
  • Expand your circle of professionals in your field or job function
  • Learn about jobs and internships with target employers
  • Give back by advising others

The Hiatt Career Center has organized the networking process into three steps: Before You Begin, Develop a Strategy and Manage Relationships.

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