Hiatt’s networking requirements

Before you can join Hiatt's LinkedIn group, search alumni on CAN, or submit a Wisdom Wanted ad, you must:

1. Read, sign and return Hiatt's social responsibility and integrity contract.

2. Watch this online workshop and answer the quiz correctly.


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Brainstorming Matrix

Sample Networking Questions

The Elevator Pitch Guide

Email/Phone Outreach Template

LinkedIn Learning Center


Submit a Wisdom Wanted ad

LinkedIn 101

Commonly referred to as the “professional Facebook,” LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows you to identify and connect with potential networking contacts, research companies, and join professional interest groups. You may have already read on Hiatt's networking pages how LinkedIn can help you: enhance your professional online presence, identify and research suitable networking contacts and network with contacts via Hiatt's LinkedIn group.

Hiatt's LinkedIn Guide

Hiatt's new Brandeis-specific LinkedIn Guide (pdf) provides detailed how-to's on the above topics and many more, specially customized for Brandeis students and alumni, including:

Section: What's included:
Build a professional online presence. important profile sections, creating customized URLs, recommendations vs. endorsements, privacy settings and more.
Connect in a meaningful way with alumni and other “warm” contacts adding connections, searching for relevant alumni, sample invites, and more.
Research companies and industries

how to use the companies tab to conduct research, gain insights for your job/internship application and search for positions.

Explore opportunities if you are undecided

advanced searches and industry research.

Best practices for Hiatt's LinkedIn group

Why join, how to join, connecting with members.

Access the Alumni Dashboard on LinkedIn

Search Brandeis alumni profiles on LinkedIn by where they live, where they work, what they do, what they studied, and more to find potential networking contacts.