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1. Read and electronically sign Hiatt's social responsibility and integrity contract.

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Managing Networking Relationships

Show your appreciation

Immediately following your interaction, you should send a thank you note. This shows your contact that you are appreciative of their time. Learn more about what you should include in your thank you note.

Follow through on next steps

Reflect on the conversation. Go back over your notes to make sure the information is clear. Also, make note of any impressions you have from the conversation. Ask yourself:

  • What did I learn from this interview (both positive and negative impressions)?
  • How does what I learned fit with my own interests, abilities, goals, values, etc.?
  • What more would be helpful to know?
  • What plan of action should I now take?

Also, be sure to contact any additional people referred to you by your networking contact.  Within the first few sentences, mention your mutual connection as well as any particular reason why your original contact thought this new person might be helpful to you.

Recognize when and how to keep in touch or part amicably

Not all networking relationships will endure. This is perfectly normal and expected. If you feel that the relationship is no longer beneficial to you or your contact, or that you’ve reached your anticipated goals, you should simply part amicably, politely, and professionally. You may always return to these conversations, if desired, in the future. 

You’ll want to stay in touch with others as these relationships may lead to future job or internship referrals, letters of recommendation, and/or additional contacts. 

In most cases, it is important to keep your contacts informed. A simple email to check-in or update contacts is appropriate. If someone recommends an additional contact that was helpful, let your original contact know. Likewise, if a particular resource or research avenue was fruitful, tell the contact that as well. Networking contacts - especially Brandeis alumni - are often sincerely interested in helping and are curious about what ultimately happens in your career and academic adventures.


Networking is a two-way street. You never know when someone may seek out your insights and advice in return. Hiatt encourages you to find time to share your resources, contacts, and information with other networkers - especially fellow Brandeis students and alumni - as you progress in your career.