Hiatt’s networking requirements

Before you can join Hiatt's LinkedIn group, search alumni on CAN, or submit a Wisdom Wanted ad, you must:

1. Read and electronically sign Hiatt's social responsibility and integrity contract.

2. Watch this online workshop and answer the quiz correctly.


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Brainstorming Matrix

Sample Networking Questions

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Submit a Wisdom Wanted ad

Networking Opportunities

Now that you know what to say, it’s time to start networking! There are many opportunities to network, both in-person and online. Remember, in all instances you are seeking information, ideas and referrals – not asking for a job or internship!


Attending events is one of the most common ways to meet new people. Hiatt hosts many events on campus to help students network with alumni and employers, including industry career forums, information sessions, site visits, and more. Learn how Hiatt can help you connect with recruiters and alums.

Also, check out local calendars, professional organization websites, and University events to see if someone of interest is coming to your area.

Tips: Research potential networking contacts who will be attending; choose your top contacts to approach; practice your elevator pitch with InterviewStream; and (if applicable) attend Hiatt’s pre-forum prep workshops.

Informational Interviews

An informational interview is a networking meeting to learn more about a particular career path, industry, job function, organization, etc. An informational interview can take place in-person, on the phone, or via Skype. It can be one of the most valuable ways to network because it can provide you with an intimate, insider’s perspective that other sources cannot replicate.

While Hiatt encourages you to set up your own informational interviews simply by asking a potential networking contact to speak with you using the templates above, Hiatt also offers scheduled informational interviews through our Office Hours program. Throughout the year, alumni and other professionals in various fields and job functions hold office hours at Hiatt and students can sign up for a one-on-one slot to speak with them about their career path. View upcoming dates in B.hired. 

Tips: Be prepared to articulate your goals for the meeting; research your contact and their industry, job function and employer; prepare a list of questions to ask; and consider practicing your elevator pitch online using InterviewStream (accessible via B.hired resources).

LinkedIn/Brandeis University Career Connections

The Hiatt Career Center moderates a professional networking group on LinkedIn for Brandeis students and alumni. By joining this group, you gain access to an extended community of Brandeis alumni who want to support you in achieving your career goals by offering advice, meeting with you for informational interviews, and answering the discussion questions you post. To join our group, you must have a LinkedIn profile, complete Hiatt’s networking requirements and request to join the group.


Tips: Be prepared to clearly articulate what you want to learn from the member; double-check your post to the group for spelling and typos; and make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

Wisdom Wanted Ads

Wisdom Wanted ads are specific requests for alumni career advice that Hiatt sends to our alumni e-mail list monthly. Students can write ads seeking advice on a variety of topics, from grad school applications to job opportunities in a specific field. When alumni want to respond to your ad, they will contact you directly via email. To submit an ad, you must have a LinkedIn profile, complete Hiatt's networking requirements and fill out this online form.

Tips: Be prepared to articulate your goals for the ad; get creative with the language in your ad; make your title eye-catching; and make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

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