99 Gold Balloons 11/20

Nov. 15, 2013

What are you doing over winter break? With the holidays right around the corner, winter break will be here before you know it and Hiatt is here to help. Whether it’s a career fair, networking event, interviews, or just learning about different industries and careers – we have something for you!

What do balloons have to do with anything? Starting at noon on Wednesday, November 20, Hiatt will place 98 balloons around campus that hold your golden ticket to the Career and Internship Connection (CIC) Fairs in Boston, NYC, DC and LA.

I bet you’re asking yourself, but “what say you of the 99th balloon?” Enclosed in the 99th balloon will be a voucher that will cover a portion of your travel expenses to and from the CIC Fairs.**

In addition to the golden ticket, some balloons will have vouchers for prizes, including Barnes and Noble gift cards, lunch/ coffee with the Hiatt Career Center staff person of your choice, and much more! So, get poppin’!

**You must demonstrate that you have registered for a CIC Fair AND uploaded your resume. The travel voucher is good for up to $100, and will cover expenses including transportation, parking, printing copies of your resume, and/or the printing of business cards.

Please note: one (1) prize per student.