Brandeis Student Internship Spotlight: Noah Berman ‘15

Jul. 08, 2013

Noah Berman '15

Noah Berman '15

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Noah Berman ’15 was on the winning team from the Perfect Pitch advertising competition last fall and has continued to pursue his interests in marketing and communications this summer. Read more about what Noah is doing in his internship at ModaMi, as he shares insight on his summer internship search and experience.

High Heels and Me: My Summer Internship at ModaMi

When I began searching for a summer internship last spring, I hoped to work in marketing for a large tech company in the Silicon Valley, where I grew up. I thought a big company would give me the opportunity to try my hand at different projects, meet lots of people and learn more about the industry. But I ended up as a marketing intern at ModaMi, an e-commerce startup that gives professional women personalized fashion recommendations. Now, halfway through my internship, I have learned that working in a startup has its advantages.  

First, my boss is ModaMi’s CEO, a high-powered Silicon Valley marketing veteran with lots of wisdom and experience to share. We talk everyday and she has said to me many times, “Noah, you can get involved in any aspect of the business that interests you.” It’s great to work in a company small enough that you know the CEO, the founders and everyone else. It’s also motivating to work in a place where your contribution counts and your impact is measurable.    

You might find it strange a 20-year-old rising junior is marketing fashion to professional women. But many of the marketing techniques and tools I use are transferable across target segments and industries, from women’s fashion to sports equipment. I have helped develop our customer acquisition strategy and implemented a number of the social media campaigns. I have learned how to use Twitter and LinkedIn to find new customers and communicate with audiences to build awareness of ModaMi. I have also attended product and strategy meetings to learn how product features dovetail with customer needs. 

As a sociology major at Brandeis, I have learned a lot about human behavior — including ways to drive our ModaMi customers to sign up for our services. (Thank you, Professor Shostak for inspiring my interest in sociology!) Now I see sociology’s added benefit — to help me become a better marketer.       

You might think ModaMi is not relevant to you, just as I did at the start of the summer. But why not check out now that you know about it? Who knows, you might find something you like for yourself or a friend. And you’ll see how I’ve been spending my summer.