Brandeis Alumni Spotlight: Rebecca Bachman ‘13 on Service and the World of Work

Sep. 27, 2013

Brandeis is deeply committed to service in the Waltham community and around the world. Students often say that they have gained more from their service than they gave.  “Giving back” allows you to work with diverse communities, learn new skills, pursue new interests, and explore professional fields.   Through this process you may also discover personal truths and values that will guide your future career decisions, no matter what field you pursue.  At Hiatt, we are eager to help you reflect on your service experience and incorporate what you have learned into your professional decision-making.  

Please join the Hiatt Career Center, Department of Community Service and Waltham Group on Tuesday, October 8, to learn more about current/upcoming volunteer, gap year, year in service, and internship opportunities at the Year in Service and Volunteer Fair.

Rebecca Bachman ’13, grants and operations assistant at the Natan Fund, attributes much of her professional development to her volunteerism at Brandeis. In her own words below, Rebecca describes how she used her volunteer experiences to discover her interests and find a full-time job after graduation.

How Service Prepares You For The World of Work 
By Rebecca Bachman ’13

Rebecca Bachman

Community service helped to prepare me for my job search and career in so many ways that I continue to discover each and everyday. While at Brandeis, I served in many different roles with various organizations, including the Waltham Group, Big Siblings, Afternoon Enrichment and Community Connections.

These experiences taught me how to work and collaborate on a team, manage a program, work with community partners, solve problems, plan events, and train and lead others. Each of these skills has been invaluable in entering the workforce and has contributed to my professional development. Each role was key in helping me be more effective, efficient and productive; employers value candidates that enter the workforce with a solid foundation. Although the experiences that I had were as a student leader, they are demonstrative of my work ethic and commitment.

My volunteer experiences truly shaped me into the person I am today and helped me explore and discover causes that I am passionate about. They have also given me concrete examples that I can talk about in a job search and interview process.