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3D Flier

3D Game Design

 June 23-July 4, 2013

  • Design your own 3D computer games!
  • Participate in a live-streaming game festival!
  • Meet other teens from across the country who share your passion!

With Encounters at Brandeis, passionate, motivated high school students immerse themselves in hands-on learning experiences while living on a college campus.

In our 3D Game Design course you will create your own 3D world using the Blender Game Design Platform. We’ll give you the tools to design a variety of games including racing, questing, multiplayer competition and cooperation games, and games straight from your imagination. Se your visions come alive in vivid, interactive 3D!

3D Game Design combines game design coursework with field trips and social activities to create an exciting and transformative summer experience. The experience culminates with a 3D Game Design Festival where you will present your games to invited guests both in person and through a live-streaming website.

The curriculum has been developed by Tim Hickey, Professor of Computer Science at Brandeis University. The course will be taught by a team of instructors and teaching assistants with years of experience teaching in technology-based summer programs for high school students. 

Encounters at Brandeis give teens an invaluable opportunity to meet young people from different backgrounds and cultures, and to learn with- and from- one another.

Price: $2,500 (need-based scholarships are available)

Application will be available Dec. 1, 2012.

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