Four weeks of living in community with teens, artists and educators from all over the country and the world, from a wide spectrum of Jewish practice and backgrounds, and with different interests and ideas - it's an experience that only BIMA can deliver.

Who Comes to BIMA?

High school age artists, dancers, musicians, actors and writers from all over the United States, Israel, Russia, and around the world.

Religious Diversity

Each summer, BIMA participants and staff represent a wide spectrum of Jewish practice and belief, including affiliations with all of the major movements of Judaism as well as those unaffiliated with any movement.

Geographic Diversity: National and International Community

Last summer, BIMA participants came from 18 states, as well as from Canada, Israel, Spain, Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

Educational Diversity

BIMA participants have a range of past educational experiences. Some attend public high schools, some attend Jewish day schools, and others attend performing arts high schools. Some have had limited Jewish education and others have had extensive Jewish education.  

What Do BIMA Participants Have in Common?

BIMA participants share a passion for the arts and the Judaism. Participants have open minds and a willingness to learn, teach, experience a pluralistic Jewish community, and make life-long friendships.