We offer two jazz ensembles at BIMA: Advanced Jazz and Jazz for Everyone

Advanced Jazz Ensemble

The advanced jazz ensemble is an exciting, challenging and fun place to explore the unlimited sea of musical expression. Through a diverse repertoire of classic jazz masterpieces, world music, and original compositions by participants, you will acquire new skills and surpass your wildest dreams of musical expression. This program, for students with a solid foundation on their instruments, will introduce advanced harmonic concepts, modal improvisation, diminished harmony, extended forms, and above all, deep listening skills and rhythmic awareness.

Applicants should have a working knowledge of major, minor, chromatic and pentatonic scales, tonic/dominant harmony, and basic syncopation.

Jazz for Everyone

Jazz for Everyone is a gentle introduction to jazz and improvisation for musicians with little or no jazz experience. It is an opportunity to learn the basics of jazz and improvisation in a gentle, non threatening group experience. Students will learn about basic jazz scales, chords, and rhythms, and enjoy playing some classic jazz masterpieces. In a very short time, everyone will be prepared to "jam the night away."

No jazz experience required. Applicants should have basic instrumental proficiency and a desire to work hard and learn. 


Both ensembles are led by Greg Wall, a founding BIMA faculty member and a seasoned jazz artist who has been recording and touring for many years, and has appeared at the some of the world's major jazz festivals as well as New York's Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. He is a caring and sensitive teacher who will help musicians focus on instrumental mastery, and reaching their artistic potential. Read more about Greg.